Spam really pisses me off

I still don’t have time to write… I’ve had a post in mind about how great things are going with my son and how quickly he adapted to living with me, but I’ve had such little time, it has changed around in my head too much already. It was originally supposed to be published around the one month mark, when he was with me for one month. (15th January.) Sadly, when a post changes so much in my head without even being written, I normally don’t write it at all. (So far it’s about three posts this year already that I thought out and never wrote. Not having time to write them sucks.)

Anyway, I checked out the blog stats, and even though I have no time for writing, I feel obligated to comment on the two spam comments I just deleted… (Why do they upset me? I’m not sure… They were blocked anyway, but the fact that those kinds of comments still show up leads me to despair of humanity a little, because presumably such comments are making money for some people. So spam still works, which means people actually follow those links.)

Firstly, there was one about SEO. (Search Engine Optimization.) While I suppose there are some bloggers out there who don’t know (and many like me who don’t care) about SEO, one has to ask the question: If your SEO tools are so fucking fantastic, why do you need to post comments to random blogs to advertise them? Surely, we should all be tripping over each other’s virtual heels in the search results, as we stumble over your spectacularly situated site at the top of our search results again and again? Alrighty, so we don’t search for SEO every day, but even if you do make the effort to search for “SEO tools”, those spam-marketed monstrosities do not feature. What this tells me, is that you are trying to sell tools that don’t even work, to people who don’t need them. Two wrongs might make a right, but do two redundancies relay relevance? I don’t think so.

And secondly, somebody posted a comment to my article Channelling is not real… a comment about how to lose belly fat. Because of course, the first place people are going to go, on their quest to lose their fat bellies, is an irreverent blog-post that mocks channelling and Theosophy in general. I mean, where the fuck else would you go?

I have to wonder if the spammers themselves are idiots, of if idiots are their target market. Maybe a bit of both? Surely they should realize that the probability of hitting a target, that is somebody who would actually want to read their adverts, is minimal. Surely?

2 thoughts on “Spam really pisses me off

    1. I think so too. Morons marketing shit for other morons.

      What surprised me a few years ago was that some people seem to appreciate the spam comments. Spam comments are usually formulated to be compliments, but they’re generic compliments that can be applied to anything, and if you copy them and search Google for the strings, you’ll find identical comments on thousands of blogs… but anyway, some people seem to be happy to get feedback – any feedback at all – even if it isn’t genuine. The built in Akismet blocks most of the spam here, but seeing those messages even in the spam queue is enough to piss me off, because they must be working for somebody. So somewhere, people not only read the spam, they follow the links and then buy the products advertised, and that makes me a little mad.


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