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An unexpected follow-up to “Book Ideas”

Just the other day I wrote a post asking for book ideas… In that post I mentioned Brian, a friend from rehab in end 2009 to 2010, with an amusing anecdote about him being covered in butter after I accidentally … Continue reading

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Book Ideas?

This week, another person told me I should write a book. This was in light of my blogging and as an idea for something to make money. I wish it were that easy. The first time someone suggested I write … Continue reading

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This blog is now more popular than my other one… Thanks to you!

It sounds cheesy, I suppose, but I think it’s cool. Wow… My recovery, atheism, and skepticism (and everything else on my mind) blog has finally overtaken my programming blog, in terms of daily views. It’s taken a while to get … Continue reading

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Bad attempts at puns are not funny, just stupid

I can’t seem to write anything significant this week… Every time I start something, then later abandon it. Hopefully I can finish my point and share this little pet peeve. For comic relief, one of the sites I read is … Continue reading

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Site Redirected

Welcome to anyone who got here via my old blog address. ( That blog is no longer publicly accessible, but you are welcome to follow this one from now on. I have not moved the content here – that would … Continue reading

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