Coronavirus misinformation continues (Stay in your fucking homes)

We’ve had our first two deaths in South Africa. The US now leads the race in terms of confirmed cases. So a snapshot right now looks like this:


Yet the fanatical religious people still share arguments like this:


I don’t get how anyone can choose to ignore the fact that the confirmed cases are increasing exponentially, and this is without proper testing. Of all people, it’s the extreme religious ones who are fucking it up for the rest of us. Note it isn’t all religious people, but it is often the most religious ones. I wonder if this doesn’t demonstrate something? Does the extreme end of a view not give a better indication of the view’s repercussions? (Sorry, I am having trouble phrasing this. Hope this is clear.) Anyway, it seems that faith is especially dangerous right now, especially if that faith gives you the confidence to put yourself and others at risk because you think you are protected by something for which no evidence exists. It’s almost like false hope is fine when it comes to comforting your feelings, but potentially tragic if you trust it against things that actually exist.

This situation is ongoing. One cannot compare it to flu, or previous pandemics, unless one was able to somehow get a snapshot of those previous pandemics at a similar stage. And how would we define such a stage? Previous pandemics were not nearly as contagious. For example, Ebola was not airborne but was spread only by direct physical contact. This virus is the most dire, the most serious threat to life as we know it that most of us will live to see.

Please stay in your homes and do not be fooled by misinformation like that I screen-shotted above.

Also, it’s not only the older people dying. For example, here’s an article about a nurse who was in his 40s, who died of it. We are all in danger and it should be our priority to not only take precautions to avoid crowds where we might become infected, but also to avoid them in case we are unknowingly already infected. You might suffer only a mild infection but pass on the virus to others who then die.

WTF? Banned from Facebook for 30 days again!

I just saw an email that informed me a post violated community standards, and looking at it I do remember the GIF, of a Japanese (I think) girl… flashing her vagina. I remember seeing the GIF, but do not remember sharing it. In fact I recall liking and then unliking it, so I must have shared it by mistake… I don’t usually use Facebook on my phone.

So now I’m banned for a whole month for something I must’ve posted in error. Oh well…

And just after all this, I took my phone out my pocket, and the screen was completely black. I thought it was broken. It took me two reboots before realizing that the screen brightness was turned all the way off. So apparently all this might have resulted from not locking my phone. (I never do.)

Edit: About an hour after writing this, I tried to make a call, and my phone was in airplane mode. I didn’t deliberately do that either. Might be a good idea to lock my phone with a pattern or something? I don’t understand how I managed to do so many things by accident… sharing a GIF I had viewed and decided not to share, changing the display brightness to all the way off, and enabling airplane mode…


Isn’t it time for revolution already?

I’m starting to understand why people believe in certain conspiracies. Like the New World Order or the Illuninati or the Rothschild Banking conspiracies. I understand especially this year, when I’m getting further and further into debt, struggling a little more to pay the bills, and ignoring the fact that I’m probably never going to get out. With my salary paid into my account, my balance approaches zero for the only time every month, although only for a few minutes, and then returns to tens of thousands in negative again. I see other people living dream lives in dream houses that I will never be able to afford, and everything I do makes zero difference to my life but contributes towards millions more into their fat bank balances. Yeah, it’s easy to believe that someone is pulling the strings, that I and others like me are puppets being controlled by the Big Bad Lizard puppeteers, or something to that effect. Easy to believe that exposing them will somehow make a difference. I can see why people want it to be true.

But it isn’t so. The truth is simpler. This is capitalism. This is where it leads… Corporations thrive and make tons of money. We are born to work for those corporations, making money for them while we barely get by. And then we die. Game over. It doesn’t matter how hard we try or how many hours we put in, or how good we are at our jobs. At the end of the day, working harder means making other people richer, faster. It means we are more valuable because we make more money for them.

And who are they? That’s the bit the conspiracists are missing. Not the lizard people; not the Illumninati; not the Rothschilds. There’s no ringmaster running this circus. They are simply the ones who are born rich, who land positions of power. Do you really think someone rises to the top of a corporation, where they sit with unimaginably high salaries for doing very little, by working hard? They’re not in control of us; in the real world they’re just watching their own interests. They don’t even care that we exist, except for when we make mistakes that affect their income. They look only at the money coming in as they continue to get richer while we get poorer.

In years to come, things will get even worse. Climate change will lead to a miserable life for millions. Millions will suffer and die. Meanwhile, the rich, who are insulated and isolated from the harsh reality of everyday life by the protection their money affords, can deny it. This is why people like Donald Trump, idiots born into wealth that led to power, can deny human-caused climate change. It never affects them directly. “Let them eat cake”, he might as well say…

What’s happening is the Middle Class is falling away. We get poorer as the rich get richer. It’s not going to stop, and no matter how hard we work, our lives will continue to get worse. There’s nothing new I’ve written here… A few years ago, only anarchists were saying this. But now it’s coming from people like me, ordinary people. The only way to fix this is revolution. The rich are a burden. They need to go. (And there is irony here. It’s happened before. The ancestors of the rich didn’t work for their wealth either, mostly. They took it.) If we had more people who saw the reality for what it is, and less believing in silly conspiracy theories which put fictitious evil overlords in control, as well as less people indulging in magical thinking and having faith in imaginary deities watching over them, maybe the revolution(s) could come sooner. But as it is, it probably won’t happen in my lifetime. That disappoints me.

The last three posts are password-protected now.

The last three posts were personal, maybe too personal, and contain some stuff about my ex, Megan, that’s unflattering, to say the least.

Those posts are now password-protected.

@Megan, the password is your gmail password, which by the way, I should probably not know. But you don’t need to change it… I have never and will never log into your gmail.

Don’t comment about bitcoin here…

FYI, the latest pattern in blog comment spam here is to post generic bullshit generated comments with a name that contains the word “bitcoin”.

Just in case Akismet doesn’t pick them up, I turned on a setting that moves all comments that contain the word “bitcoin” in the comment or commenter’s name straight to the Trash folder.

Nobody should be commenting about bitcoin here anyway, but if you do, your comments will disappear immediately.

Edit: Note that the comments are not what they appear. Most are generic comments, generated and in no way relevant to the blog or the comment author, with comment author something like “monero vs bitcoin”, pointing to gavinmarshaldental dot com, which McAfee SiteAdviser tells me is an unsafe site. So they’re ads that are really links to malware, via generic complementary comments.

It still boggles my mind that people might fall for such crap. They are always badly worded and sometimes gibberish that isn’t relevant to the article or the comment they reply to… They rely on a reader realizing that even though the comment itself is rubbish, the comment author, such as “how to mine bitcoin”, is a link that can be clicked. And they rely on the reader being stupid enough to click that link.

Anyway, heads up idiots… A link to Gavin Marshall Dental Practice that promises secure bitcoin mining via a comment that refers to people, places and things not referenced in the article it responds to, or is a generic complimentary comment that can be posted to any blog, is not what it seems.

Here’s an example from one of the thousands of gavin marshall dental practice scam comments…

I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?
[Comment author link not shown]

There have been plenty of others, and that was the only one in my trash folder since I cleared it and started updating this post… just to show you it really is exactly as I’ve described: irrelevant generated comments that link to a malware site.

I once touched a girl inappropriately.

I read that the best way men can use the #metoo hash tag is to tell the stories of abuse; expose it and own it, so here goes mine…

I was twelve years old, in standard five (now called grade seven) in Miss Godsiff’s class at John Graham Primary School, in Plumstead, Cape Town. I was a shy boy who just wanted to be left alone, shy especially of girls. Two girls who sat behind me in class, [Redacted] and her friend, always used to tease me by breaking off bits of pencil eraser and throwing it at the back of my head. I hated that, hated being teased. (I’m not mentioning the name of [Redacted]’s friend, because she has the same first name as the other girl, who I touched.)

To reiterate, I was dreadfully shy. I hated going to school, and would stress about it, have bad dreams about being teased by girls. Guys, I could handle, because if a guy teased me, I’d simply hit him. I had not yet found how to use words effectively, so when girls teased me, all I could do was beg for them to stop.

We sat in those small wooden two-seater desks, and on this particular day, another girl decided to tease me. She sat in the seat to my left and proceeded to make fun of me. I don’t even remember what she said, and it couldn’t have been for more than two or three minutes.

So in a moment of anger, I reached over with my left hand. With my hand under the seat, I reached up, my fingertips brushing her dress between her legs. She leapt from her seat! Literally she shot up into the air, and called me a pervert, then went to sit somewhere else and left me alone. She never teased me again, and at that point in time, I was happy because I’d made her uncomfortable just as she had done to me.

But I’ve thought of the incident over and over again, in the years since 1984. How messed up is it, that I thought being uncomfortable from being teased, and being uncomfortable from having a hand shoved towards your vagina, are equivalent? Those two things are not the same, nowhere near the same. For what it’s worth if you read this, I am sorry. I am so sorry, and have been sorry since 1984. I didn’t even quite touch you directly, and my intentions were not as dire as many may be, but the end result was the same.

I was good at athletics back then, and after that, whether I was winning the 100 meter sprint, or completing the school cross country, I’d see her there, cheering me on and calling my name. So stupid… it didn’t occur to me, not even then, that she’d teased me because she liked me.

Ironically, though I’ve lost contact with most of my old school friends and acquaintances, both [Redacted] and the woman whose name I won’t mention, are in my friends list on Facebook. I hope they read this. I don’t expect the apology to be accepted, but I am sorry, and I learned that day that I should never do such a thing again.

Edit: I knew writing anyone’s name was a mistake… I have removed the girl’s name that I shared, since she contacted me and would prefer it not be there, especially since this post has already been shared several times. Apologies for the sloppy editing.

In case there was any misunderstanding, her name (just the first name) was included to make this more personal, and place the incident in context. (As opposed to “One day when I was 12 years old, I was pissed off so I stuck my hand up a girl’s dress”, which really doesn’t cut it for a blog post.) I wasn’t blaming her teasing me for my actions. It was meant to highlight how a troubled child might construe anything as an excuse. It was more about me being anxious and shy than her being annoying. Funny how she didn’t even remember any of it… that habit of her and her friend throwing bits of rubber at the back of my head pissed me off for months. Also, her friend who also sat behind me, didn’t really share the same first name as the girl who was the victim of my temper. It just started with the same letter. (I do sometimes embellish irrelevant details if it helps the story.) There, now there are no embellishments here.

(Why do I remember so many things, so many years later?)

The point of this is to share my wrongdoing, however slight it may seem to some, in the spirit of the #metoo hash tag… to confess to doing my part to the detriment of women, in the hope that other men may be inspired to share their wrongdoings as well. Admittedly it wasn’t much of a wrongdoing, as I was a child. But it’s still something. It’s still touching a girl without her consent, and could have resulted in trauma to her.

Was this post a bad idea? Please feel free to let me know in the comments. This blog is getting a fair amount of traffic now… around two to three hundred views a day, which is a fair amount for me anyway. Old posts receive a large portion of that traffic too, which means I cannot gauge from the page views whether a post is good or not. A couple of years ago I could, but not any more. Without feedback, I don’t really know…