This might just be the most ironic thing I have ever seen.


And by “seen” I don’t mean that I clicked through to watch the video. Fuck knows what “Flat Earth Dave” has to say, and maybe fuck cares? But I do not.

But I’d wager that those two “feeble mouse brains” have more brains than Dave and all his followers put together and multiplied by itself. ‘Cause zero squared is still zero, folks.

Edit: I was just checking up on the “Nonsense” saved collection I have in Facebook, and it turns out that this video was already removed from YouTube for violating guidelines. Glad I got it in time… Not that I watched it, mind you, but the irony of flat earthers “shaming” people who are smarter than them is still hilarious to me.

It was never about the troops

I just saw this on Facebook.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, the guy on top is Colin Kaepernick, a US football player who got blacklisted and ‘cancelled’ (but they don’t call it that apparently when initiated by the right wing) for kneeling before matches during the US national anthem to protest police brutality.

In the picture below, we have a recent incident where a US cop racially profiled, assaulted, and pepper-sprayed a driver simply because the man was black, and that man happened to be a US army officer.

So it was never about the troops. US Nationalism is about white people, power dynamics, and Colin Kaepernick was punished because he’s a black man who didn’t know his place. Also those same nationalists don’t really care about the troops anyway.

Lastly, that’s what nationalism looks like. Always. In every country. Nationalism is evil.

Why would a loving god require worship?

I’ve stated this in other words before, but this meme makes it worthwhile to state again…


First of all, since we (atheists) always get accused of odd things by sharing such memes, let’s make this crystal clear: I don’t believe in any god. Sharing this does not somehow imply that I do believe and hate this god. Sharing things like this simply demonstrates how absurd belief in this god looks from the outside, that is from someone who doesn’t buy into your belief system.

Why would a god want its creations to worship it?

I don’t know about anybody else, but if I were a being that would live for eternity, and I could create other eternal beings, I wouldn’t create them to suffer and then only realize that the first portion of their lives was temporary, and that they’d then continue to exist for an undefined amount of time. And then demand that they worship me for all eternity. I mean, if I did that, that would make me evil and cruel beyond measure.

Instead of doing all the mental gymnastics required to continue to believe what doesn’t make sense; instead of making excuses for this god, why not do the logical thing and admit that it’s all bullshit. Some ancient ignorant people invented these gods to explain what they didn’t understand, and their descendants passed that down ever since. The only reason you believe is that it is difficult to admit that you are indoctrinated. Let it go.

Isn’t it strange how the things that seem important to us are not always important at all?

I had that strangest dream last night. I was on holiday in Cape Town, playing with Josh’s little sister, when a fly buzzed around us, annoying us. I took out this old plastic toy, something I’ve had since childhood… I don’t even remember what it is as it is part of something, a relic of the past and an object imbued with nostalgia, and pretended to shoot at the fly, making her laugh.

Then I “woke up”, into another day in the dream. My toy was gone. Another family member there had thrown it away. But they didn’t tell me the truth straight away, rather I had to pry it out of them, getting bits and pieces until finally they confessed to breaking it by accident and then throwing it away. As this person evaded every question, I became increasingly angry. Angrier and angrier, I was absolutely livid by the end, when I woke up for real.

I woke from that dream, enraged that this person had so recklessly damaged and discarded my precious… what? Here’s the thing: My subconscious mind had fabricated this old toy with a backstory; actually not so much a backstory but rather the emotional baggage that comes with one. I have no such item. But the anger was real. The attachment was real. Attachment to a thing that never even existed.

So I awoke thinking about that. How often does it happen that things are important to us, but remove them and nothing changes? Or perhaps, we attach meaning and priority and emotional relevance to these things, but these things don’t really matter.

Not even much of an example, but meth used to be important to me. Heck, I couldn’t function without it and couldn’t imagine my life without it. But it’s been nearly eight years and my life is a shitload better without it. Likewise cigarettes. I had to have a smoke first thing after waking up, not to mention all those other times. It seemed so important. Now, just over four months without cigarettes and I can’t say I miss them.


But I wonder… How many other things are there, things I hold onto for nothing? Do we all do this? And I also wonder about the applications of the subconscious mind and suggestibility… If my sleeping mind could concoct something so important, when that thing didn’t exist, is there no application for this? Considering how most of us refuse to change our minds because of biases, imagine what could be done by taking away or introducing such biases to our subconscious minds.

But mostly, I wonder what people might do if they realize how meaningless some of their most important things actually are.

Case in point, I read this article earlier… Honestly I found it difficult to finish. Written by someone who directs music in a church, the article rails against churches who use singers with microphones to lead the worship – because that isn’t the proper way to worship, or something. It starts out well, but as you read on, the elitist sense of self importance and presumptuousness of the writer becomes almost unbearable. Imagine going to so much trouble to say that others aren’t doing their worship right, when worship as far as this atheist understands, is personal? Heck, as an atheist I could tell you the whole thing was a fucking waste of time because god isn’t real, but… Let’s not go there.

What I will say is… question what is important to you. Why is it important? Should it be? We humans do have a bad habit of finding meaning in the meaningless and it would be a godawful shame if you wasted your life devoting it to such things.

And excuse me if this post seems a little… fragmented? My son keeps interrupting me. I find it difficult to write when my concentrating gets broken. But the interruptions fit today’s topic, since he is important to me. He means very much to me, and this is meaning that’s real.

Here’s Buddy

He does this every day when I work from home… when it gets to around 4PM, even though supper is only at 5, he starts… Sitting there in the corner and calling me… I chase and when he realizes I’m not gong to feed him yet, he finds safety in his “house”… then if I ignore him for another minute, he jumps on the table and starts smacking stuff onto the floor.

I’m enjoying this new phone… not the greatest but the Samsung Galaxy A12 has a better camera than my old phone. I couldn’t get decent images of him in his “house” before as they would either come too dark or auto-use the flash and be too bright. A white cat right in front of the flash does not photograph well.

Buddy will be one year old on April 20th and he’s still getting bigger. He’s bigger than his mother and has now caught up to the five year old cat.







Why Lilith is important

I just saw this on Facebook:


And the truth is, I didn’t always get it. In fact, I’m not going to get into this in much depth and I’m writing this in the thirty minutes before I start working so I can schedule it to publish at lunch time, so I’m really only raising the subject. I suggest anyone interested Google why Lilith is important for feminism and read one of the more thorough takes on the subject.

As an atheist, my first reaction was to think this isn’t important because I don’t believe this god created anyone. But that’s not the point. She’s there, in the original texts. The Judeo-Christian creation myth originally includes her, but then, whoever decided which stories go in the Bible and which do not, decided to omit her. That’s the point.

Why was she removed? The meme says it succinctly but I do suggest further reading. For example from a theological point of view, this educational throwback to the nineties that suggests her origin is a Sumerian succubus, this thesis by a student of religious studies… and there are plenty more. I’m curious why that one article (and others I’ve seen) suggest that Lilith’s origin was a succubus, and not the other way around. We know that Judaism borrowed from older religions like the Sumerian and Mesopotamian ones and Zoroastrianism, so the origin of everything in Genesis was in earlier religions… Isn’t it more likely a strong female figure was quite literally demonized?

Actually let me show you my motivation for writing this… the comments (by men of course) on the Atheist Republic post that shared the meme.


Urgh. Of course they’re stories. Of course none of that happened. But it was men who decided that a strong female figure didn’t belong in those stories, and yet it’s always men who dismiss the existence of the patriarchy.

Myths can be important, not because of the subjects they contain, but because of the way those stories evolve, and from what they tell us about the people who believe them. They’re important historically, psychologically, anthropologically… and in this case they tell us a lot about the way society pretends that strong women were never part of history. Are we so afraid of women that we must write them out of our mythology?

New phone who dis

Scuse the silly title and blurry photos…

I got a new phone recently and a watch came with it… this thing called a Fit2. I don’t normally go for these things but got a call from a call centre because a Telkom contract was up for its 2 year upgrade. Ironically my ex took the hotspot and SIM for that contract, and I’d been paying for it for the whole two years. It was only 10GB a month but still… she lost it too so I’ve been paying for an account no one used.

Anyway, now I have a new phone and this watch that guilt trips me every time I’m sitting still for an hour, which is like… every hour. I mean, I’m a programmer for goodness sake. I’m supposed to be sitting on my arse writing code. But whatever, I have started using my treadmill to make up for the tremendous amount of burgers and things I’ve been eating in the 3 and a bit months since I gave up smoking. This watch will no doubt be useful on my next pathetic attempt to run for a whole five minutes without slowing to a walk. (Been 2 weeks since I started using the treadmill, after it collected dust initially for a year, and I am not doing so well.)

Here I was earlier after finally getting the watch to work.




Best wishes to her though… she’s currently in a place where I’m not supposed to tell anyone she’s at, getting help for a problem she won’t admit she still has. I hope this time things work out for the best.

Edit: My first draft was a little unfair to my ex… I wrote that she stole my hotspot and SIM for that contract. That’s not true – I gave it to her while she stayed here in 2019. Whether or not she stole other things is not relevant…

I don’t smoke weed, and even if I did…

I still wouldn’t accept a friend request from a fucking scammer using fake photos. I’m still on a Facebook ban so I can’t do my usual thing of mocking them on there, so this post is mostly a reminder to me to do so when I can…

Why do I keep getting these weird friend requests from obvious scammers and bots? I must be on some kind of list.

This one is somewhat unusual – they don’t normally pretend to sell weed, but whatever… I know a fake profile when I see one.

Heads up, Nigerians… You have to at least change your name to look a little less African, for fuck’s sake. Does the stock photo chick look like a Ngota to you? Also WeEdWiFe implies the person is married, so maybe don’t list the bio as single. Random capitalization for the win though, right?

Godzilla vs Kong is an OK movie

I watched it with my son last night and it is a fun movie. Not great and it has a plot that goes exactly as expected, barring one thing – Milly Bobby’s Brown’s character and that arc of the plot is quite unnecessary. She plays a generic teenage sleuth much like a character from Stranger Things, with some cheesy contrived camaraderie between her and a conspiracy theorist and podcaster who turns out to be correct about the bad guys being up to something. Tagging along is a cardboard cutout teenage computer geek. I don’t remember any characters’ name. The movie is what it is for a monster movie and you can throw in all the usual and expected critiques about the motivations of the monsters and the humans too. I’ll leave those out except for the unnecessary subplot.

What I will comment on, is I think it is funny that other people are taking this movie so seriously. There are so many plot holes and bits that don’t make sense, why bother to get into them? (For example… Hollow Earth? How does the magic power source work? You can copy an infinite power source by downloading it? How come our trusty sleuths were essentially invisible until they needed to be caught to be in the right place?) I could go on but what for? When I say that it’s an OK movie I mean it isn’t absolute shit.

Big monster fight other big monster. Big monster look, big monster see – big monster attack! Man want to be biggest, makes bigger monster. Man bad. Other man good. Help good big monsters fight bad big monster. The end.

That’s it. That’s the whole movie. No need to look more deeply into it.

Edit… That other review ain’t so bad. I do think people take this kind of movie too seriously though. It’s a movie about monsters fighting, and while the original Godzilla might have been a metaphor for nuclear war or whatever, don’t look for deeper meaning here. You could just as well look for literary excellence in porn intros.