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“Look at the good we’ve done” is as bad an argument as “Other people are also wrong”.

I’ve seen several arguments in debates recently where the reasoning of the apologist debater could be paraphrased as, “Others are also wrong”. To illustrate, here are a couple of examples: (The one I wrote about recently.) Islamic apologists responding to … Continue reading

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Gap of the gods

I don’t have anything to write, other than my swapping the words around in the title, which I couldn’t resist…  just wanted to share the excellent image I saw on this article… I love this because it’s a great parody … Continue reading

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When you argue that criticism of your religion is unfair because other religions also oppress women, you’re probably wrong.

So yesterday I saw this meme shared yet again… I’m writing this because I am tired of seeing this stupid meme, and equally tired of the usual rebuttals to it. Mine is simple. I’m not interested in this being a … Continue reading

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When people go out of their way to tell me that my life has no meaning because I don’t believe in god

This is one of those annoying statements that I have heard and read too many times now; hence this post. Actually I could refute it in a line or two as I do in comments elsewhere, but maybe it’s better … Continue reading

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I found this eloquently written rebuttal of the so-called argument from morality, and had to share it…

I don’t normally do this – share the writing of other atheists, I mean. But this article is so well stated that I just can’t help myself. Please go and read it here. (Note that the argument from morality is … Continue reading

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Recovery from meth has been easy for me. Maybe because… Once I made the decision to stay clean, and stuck to it, I was released from the difficulty.

I don’t know how much sense the title makes to anyone else, but I will try to explain it. Excuse me if you’ve read my various takes on this before – it is one of those subjects I will revisit … Continue reading

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Questioning the origin of the claim that god exists is not a genetic fallacy. Here’s why…

I still don’t have time for much writing, but thought I’d share this excellent meme I found yesterday… Of course it’s a variation of what I’ve written before – god is nothing more than an explanation for the unknown, invented … Continue reading

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