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How come ghosts wear clothes?

This morning I awoke to a strange sound. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner or some kind of road machinery, droning on and on while I had my morning bath. Actually that was a good thing… it snapped me out … Continue reading

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Why I don’t debate theists on Facebook any more.

When I first realized how passionate I was about atheism, and as I thought about the person whose argument changed my mind when I still believed at age sixteen, I spent a lot of time in atheist versus theist debate … Continue reading

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An explanation for the group psychology behind praying in tongues

I believe I have an explanation for the strange group psychology behind “praying in tongues”, as practiced by some born again Christians. Rather than write it as I did in a comment to a reader the other day, I’m introducing … Continue reading

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How I lost my faith

I have written parts of this before, so bear with me, please… A question I have always asked myself is why and how I went from sincerest belief to a position of utter disbelief in about thirty seconds… because that’s … Continue reading

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Jesus the human sacrifice?

This post may be more than a little anti Christian, albeit written as respectfully as I can. If you don’t want to read that, stop reading now. You have been warned. I’ve been watching the first Season of Vikings with … Continue reading

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The problem with Middle Eastern countries is not Islam, it’s zero separation of church and state

Secularism is the key to a mature and successful democracy. Well, lately I hear that socialism would be better, but let’s keep it simple… If you look at countries where people are guaranteed basic human rights, where people of colour … Continue reading

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The rot at the root of 12 step programs

A few days ago, I read a status on one of the atheist groups I belong to. A woman mentioned that she’d taken part in a Discworld cosplay, dressing up as a Terry Pratchett character and later shared photos online, … Continue reading

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