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On attempted reversal of the burden of proof

Recently my brother stated that “every time you and Megan get together, you relapse”. To believe this, he must ignore the last time in 2013, which happened to be the time I stopped using drugs on the day she arrived … Continue reading

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Here’s something ironic to think about

I deleted my last post. Sorry about that but I think it was a little too personal and shouldn’t have been published publicly in that form. But here’s something ironic I saw today that makes me think… It reminds me … Continue reading

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Even skeptics have blind spots when arguments agree with their beliefs? (On an argument stating that addiction is a disease.)

Well, this sucks. I shared to disagree with this bad argument the other day, only to find that some of my friends, who are atheists and skeptics, agreed with it. Now consider this: People who think Jesus is not God … Continue reading

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Knowing that men have created gods to explain what they don’t understand throughout history, why would you believe the god you were taught about is any different?

I had an interesting conversation with Josh, my ten year old son, last night. He asked me for tuck money for school, but since I had already given him two days this week, I said no, and suggested he find … Continue reading

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Common sense isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Recently an idiot who believes white supremacist propaganda and that there is a “white genocide” in South Africa, accused me of not being a skeptic, presumably because I don’t believe in the bullshit he believes in. First of all, it … Continue reading

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What is a skeptic anyway (continued)

I still don’t have time to write all I intended, but just wanted to point out, yesterday’s post was supposed to be longer. The “white genocide” in South Africa was only meant to be an example of something absurd that … Continue reading

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What is a skeptic anyway? In the context of claims of a white genocide in South Africa.

This white genocide in South Africa must be the poorest example of a genocide ever! The area where I live is so safe, I can go for a stroll in the street outside the complex at 11PM, and not be … Continue reading

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