Sometimes stereotypes can be accurate? OK, Karen

Check out the top comment to a video suggested for me…


It is a silly but light-hearted and funny video, featuring a guy going around in shopping centres and leaning over to fake fart in people’s faces. I’m more interested in the Karen commenting to complain though. OK, Karen.

I do notice something interesting that happens on my Facebook wall on a 30 day ban. I’m getting a lot of these suggested videos, mostly AFV this time. Last time I’d see about 10 “Crazy Russian Hacker” videos every day. I did not see these at all when I wasn’t banned. That interests me because, obviously, my Facebook friends haven’t stopped posting, so there isn’t much of a reason for my wall to be different. The only thing that’s changed is I cannot interact or share anything. This means, the page behaving differently is deliberate. So many people get bans like this now, they’ve made a decision to change the way the site behaves while you’re banned, presumably so as not to drive away the banned users.

The reward of shitposting: 30 days of funny videos…

Also, there is one place the Facebook overlords missed… One can save posts to shared collections, and add existing friends as contributors to those collections. They don’t get a notification so they have to know to look there, or you have to let them know some other way. But I do get a notification every time a friend adds to my shared collection.

A good meme

I have over 170 posts saved for later and still have 23 days left of my Facebook ban, so Zod knows I’m not gonna get to all of them.

Also, I’m on leave this week, cleaned the kitchen which took me nearly three fucking hours and I’m waiting for the floor to dry. So here’s a good meme I saw on my break…


It’s true not because you should try to control any woman, but because you shouldn’t.

Contrived inspiration is contrived

Just a meme today…

Somebody shared this “inspirational” meme, and I couldn’t help but reshare it with my own sarcastic comment, one that intends to show how contrived and meaningless these types of messages really are.

And the first to ask, “Who farted?”, is he who farted…


Seriously, annotating bullshit with “True story” doesn’t make it less bullshit.

  • Apologizing is a good thing. In what context does it matter to apologize first?
  • Forgiveness may make you strong, but not always wise. It can lead to tragedy.
  • The first to forget? The happiest? Ignorance is bliss.