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Don’t be fooled by this hoaxed image. This dog is FLAT!

I’ve seen this floating around on Facebook, so I had to point this out to those who are so easily taken in… Shake up, weeple! Don’t be fooled. Clearly this image was taken with a cateye lens! I’ve shared this … Continue reading

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Sarcasm isn’t always ironic

Just a random thought in a quick post today… Earlier, while browsing one of the Facebook groups I belong to, I read a post directed at newcomers. The original poster saw the need to condescend to them and explain how … Continue reading

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I really have to watch what I say in front of my son

My son has been back in my care for nearly five months now, and all is well. It’s not perfect, but it’s good. I’m happy. He’s happy, and we are closer than ever. Our relationship is the best it’s been … Continue reading

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Sorry for the sarcasm

My brother made an excellent point to me last week… when I mentioned in a Facebook status that I really need to work on my choice of words (when asking people questions out of genuine curiosity, and accidentally then instigating … Continue reading

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Sarcasm is less fun when you are too stupid to get it

I got home from watching the new Star Wars movie, only to be greeted by an asinine share on social media. This was shared on one of those “atheists versus believers” debate groups. The question in my mind is: Why? … Continue reading

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