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Westworld is the best series I’ve seen for a while

This is not a review… Just some of my thoughts on the show. Also, I’ve only watched the first four episodes. For those who don’t know, the show is a based on a 1973 movie by the same name. As … Continue reading

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Just a silly observation about those TV murder documentaries

Every day when I get home from work, my mother and sometimes my son are watching one of those TV programs about cops finding killers. This one is called “Unusual Suspects” I think, is especially badly produced, and often features … Continue reading

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About an “unpopular opinion” and negative review of Stranger Things

Disclosure: I loved Stranger Things. I binge-watched it last weekend. So imagine my surprise when I read a badly written, rambling, negative opinion piece about it. Don’t read that unless you have already watched the show. It’s rife with spoilers. … Continue reading

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My disappointment with the Supergirl Season 1 Finale

This will be brief, and I’ll only mention one thing I’m disappointed with, from the last episode, even though there were some other issues throughout. I like the series, but the plot-hole at the end was too big to ignore. … Continue reading

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More thoughts on my JVC LT-55n935 TV, which is really a “rebranded” Kogan TV

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve had plenty of issues with my “JVC” 55” smart TV, purchased directly from NuWorld. After a few short minutes searching on the model number last night, I found many people who had similar … Continue reading

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Never make the mistake of buying a JVC smart TV, model number JVC LT-55n935

Update: Flashing the TV with the Kogan firmware as per the instructions on the linked page worked perfectly. Now when it starts up, the Kogan logo is displayed instead of the JVC logo, but otherwise it is identical (minus the … Continue reading

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AHS Season 5, episode 12 is a huge let-down

Just a quick one this evening… I’ve been watching American Horror Story, season 5. (I download them. Torrents are typically online the same day they play.) It kind of sucks that I caught up with the current episodes during the … Continue reading

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