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I finally watched the remake of It

Of all the movies we went to see in 2017, the remake of Stephen King’s It was not an option, because of the age restriction which would have prevented me taking my nine year old son along. Ever since then, … Continue reading

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I watched Justice League twice and loved it both times

This is not a review but rather my opinion of the state of super hero movies in general… My son is with his cousins at my brother’s place this weekend, and after taking him to watch Justice league last week, … Continue reading

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Who needs spider-sense anyway?

Last weekend I took my son to see Spider-Man Homecoming. My take on the movie: It was OK. Spoilers ahead. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie. Full disclosure: I stopped reading comics in 1984, when I was … Continue reading

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On the unrealism of dreams, and the problems with their depiction in fiction

Something has always struck me as being wrong with the oft-used narratives in science fiction and fantasy, where a protagonist for some reason, and it’s generally a noble one, gets to enter the dream of another person. I’m thinking of … Continue reading

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A surprisingly good horror movie – It follows

Forenote: The introduction is longer than intended. Excuse me. Maybe I’m getting verbose as I get older, but I like it as written so I won’t redact any of it… I hope you enjoy this review as well as my … Continue reading

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I should have known. Batman versus Superman: Kryptonite confirmed

It was just confirmed on this site that Kryptonite will feature in the plot of the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie. I’ve been a Superman fan since quite early childhood. I had hundreds of comics and I used to look … Continue reading

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