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Who needs spider-sense anyway?

Last weekend I took my son to see Spider-Man Homecoming. My take on the movie: It was OK. Spoilers ahead. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie. Full disclosure: I stopped reading comics in 1984, when I was … Continue reading

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On the unrealism of dreams, and the problems with their depiction in fiction

Something has always struck me as being wrong with the oft-used narratives in science fiction and fantasy, where a protagonist for some reason, and it’s generally a noble one, gets to enter the dream of another person. I’m thinking of … Continue reading

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A surprisingly good horror movie – It follows

Forenote: The introduction is longer than intended. Excuse me. Maybe I’m getting verbose as I get older, but I like it as written so I won’t redact any of it… I hope you enjoy this review as well as my … Continue reading

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I should have known. Batman versus Superman: Kryptonite confirmed

It was just confirmed on this site that Kryptonite will feature in the plot of the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie. I’ve been a Superman fan since quite early childhood. I had hundreds of comics and I used to look … Continue reading

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