My weird cats forget each other after a couple of hours apart

Time for a change of subject… My cats are weird. Do you have crackpot pets?

Unfortunately I don’t have any decent photos of them… this from June 2017 is the closest to showing both cats together… kind of.


Sooty is the black cat, the older cat, and he will be six years old this year. Misty is Josh’s cat. She will be three in June.

Woops… right now while typing this Misty decided to jump on the table… (Yeah, I have a Man of Steel figurine on my table next to the monitor. Excuse me.)


And then went back to sitting behind me on my bed:



Kinda strange too, because this little cat has always been terrified of me. The day after I bought her, she ran away from me as soon as she saw me walk in the door after coming home from work. I need only make eye contact with her for her to start crying. But lately she likes me.

After searching online now, I understand that cats are supposed to remember each other, even after a long time, but that’s definitely not the case here.

First of all, Misty was sickly since she was a kitten. (Bought for R600 at Our Pets in Norwood. I do not recommend… rather be sensible and get kittens from the SPCA.) We didn’t know what was wrong with her at first, but she went on heat while still tiny, and would then bleed and ooze stuff everywhere, though not until much later, so she suffered with this sickness for more than a year. (Before that, a different vet didn’t find the problem.) It turned out she had some kind of virginal infection, and so she was not only spade, but her whole uterus was removed – basically a radical hysterectomy.

When she had the procedure, she was kept for observation for three days. But on her return, the older cat, Sooty, had forgotten her. He treated her like a stray and was quite aggressive, even though she’d been here for a while.

Then this morning, something similar happened… which I’ll get to in a bit.

My mother used to overprotect Sooty, and hardly ever let him out, especially at night. (The previous cat was run over after she went into the road at night.) Unlike mom, while I am home, I let him out as much as possible during the day, but not usually late at night. Misty does not go out – not more than a few paces from the door. She is too afraid.

Last night, Josh had locked the front door, but at around midnight I checked it. I opened the door to see if the safety gate was also locked, and in that moment, Sooty slipped through. I went out after him, and he was his usual friendly self, rubbing himself against my lower leg and rolling before he disappeared into the darkness. Knowing that there was no way I could catch a black cat in the middle of the night, I locked the gate, but left the door ajar. Misty went out, but sat immediately on the other side of the door, waiting for him. That’s what she always does. Then I went to sleep.

And then things got weird. At around 2AM I heard Misty howling. I checked and she was being aggressive to another cat, one that I could not see because it ran away. Then at 4:30AM… fucking chaos. Misty was acting aggressively to another cat that had entered the flat, having run through my room, knocking stuff off my table, and then she cornered it on the balcony outside.

Assuming the cat was a stranger, I managed to separate them somehow. I thought it was a smaller black cat, the way he was crunching himself up. Then the black cat ran into the lounge, before she chased him back through the passage and again into my room, out the window to the balcony, and into the lounge where he hid behind the sofa where I store Josh’s bicycle.

It was only then that I saw this was actually Sooty. He seemed not to recognize Misty, myself or Josh, and scratched the hell out of me and then Josh later. He also pooped on the floor where he was hiding. He literally shat himself, and was terrified.

In all the chaos, I didn’t manage to have time to make school lunch for Josh today, and I was more than a little concerned about leaving the cats to their own devices locked in the flat while I took Josh to school.

I’ve never seen this before, after having cats all my life.

Here’s Sooty now, in his place on a chair under the table on the balcony, looking perfectly normal. Nonchalant kitteh, like, “No, I did not act like a nutcase and fuck up your whole morning.”

Also I can touch him now without risking the loss of my hand.


Do you have any nutcase pets? Please tell me in the comments.

Excuse any terrible misspellings today. Windows keeps freezing and then random characters go AWOL as I type.