These fucking racist idiots

Just saw this in my notifications… I didn’t watch the video, though I have watched previous ones. That clickbait preview text with its fear mongering rhetoric is enough to inform me what they’re saying.


FYI, the right to study in Afrikaans hasn’t come under fire. Those are some strong words – one might call them fear mongering. This party is now pandering to the fears of racists. One might read something into that, as one did in one’s title.

Sorry (not sorry) but I do find it much easier to believe these people are racists than just that they’re dumb enough to pander to the fears of racists without being that way inclined themselves.

I used to vote for these people. I was dumb enough to think they were really progressive.

Beware this scam if your car was stolen in South Africa

Let’s assume your car was stolen and you reported it to the police yesterday, and you made an insurance claim for it this morning…

Around 3 in the afternoon, you receive a call from a man who claims to be a police captain. He quotes your case number so it sounds legit. It goes like this: First, he asks you if you’ve had any news. When you tell him you haven’t, he says the car has been recovered. He asks you for any identifying marks and if there was anything of value in the car. He then “confirms” that they have recovered the car, on the Mozambique border. But…

They arrested two foreign nationals in the car, and recovered an illegal firearm. The gun and the men are suspects in an armed robbery, and now the car is attached to an investigation. Thus it will be impounded for eight to twelve weeks. But, caption scam tells you he will hand the phone over to the Brigadier. He asks you to tell the Brigadier you really need the car, you will lose your job without it, and ask him to please please release the car sooner. But don’t let the guy know that he, the captain, asked you. It must come from you…

So you speak to the “brigadier”. Firstly he reminds you of his rank (Wooooh!) and then he tells you that you are asking for them to cut short the procedure which is against protocol. But maybe he can help you out… da-da-daaaah! For a fee!

Needless to say, nobody has recovered your car. Don’t give them any money.

If you’re not in the mood to call them out, or ask them to WhatsApp you a photo of the car, or tell them identifying information that’s false, you can treat it as if the case is legit, and ask them for the following:

Please send me the following so that I can send it on to my insurance:

  1. The SAP13 form number.
  2. The investigating officer name.
  3. The impound location.

They will agree to send you those things, and then end the call. Obviously they won’t send you shit because they haven’t actually recovered the car. It’s unclear how they got the case number… they could be corrupt cops, or they could be part of a crime syndicate that infiltrated the insurance call centre.

Also, I received another call the next day, from another “captain”… same story but this time the car would be impounded for six months.

What is a skeptic anyway? In the context of claims of a white genocide in South Africa.

This white genocide in South Africa must be the poorest example of a genocide ever! The area where I live is so safe, I can go for a stroll in the street outside the complex at 11PM, and not be killed. Not only that, but the majority of my neighbours, who are black, are friendly and polite. What kind of genocide is this? I mean… like… isn’t there some sort of genocide committee I can complain to about the lack of white people being killed? (It’s sarcasm, you stupid racist bastards.)

For those late to the party, there are people here who insist that a white genocide is going on. Before that, they used to post pictures of poor whites online and refer to white squatter camps. Recently one of them took offense to a comment I made here that pointed out this move forward by the racists. He claimed that this white genocide is very real. In between the rest of his ad hominem comment he claimed I should not call myself a skeptic, presumably because I don’t believe in the bullshit he believes in.

Nobody knows
The trouble you feel
Nobody cares
The feelin’ is real

We’re sorry,
Won’t you come on home
We worry,
Won’t you come on

(With apologies to Fine Young Cannibals)

Here’s the thing… If life is going on normally, and most white people here have never even heard of this so called white genocide, simply because white people aren’t being killed, it is clear that no such genocide is happening.

But even if we look at their previous claims about white squatter camps, we see something interesting… When you search the internet for white squatter camp, you are limiting your search results by two key phrases:

  1. White: So you’re only interested in white people.
  2. Squatter camp: That was the phrase used in apartheid, when black people were discriminated against by law. Many had to live in abject poverty, and so they lived in informal makeshift shanty towns, which were derisively called squatter camps. They are now called informal settlements, so when you search for the old name, you get results in line with the SEO keywords as used by white supremacists who have hijacked that term for their appeals to pity online, and filter out the majority of poor people here who… (Guess what?)… are not white.

What this means, is they have a victim mentality. While longing with nostalgia for the “good old days” of apartheid when their privilege was written into the law, these people push this fiction claiming that black people are now discriminating against them and persecuting them just as they used to persecute black people. When you search with such a filter, you get right wing propaganda in the results, where these racists like to make themselves victims, as they fight for their right to go back to apartheid. (Obviously that’s not gonna happen.) It’s madness. And it should be quite transparent to anybody with more than half a brain.

Unicellular brained Johnny also claimed that those people in the “white squatter camps” are just “taking care of their own” in response to my original comment pointing out how odd it is all these years after apartheid that those camps are for whites only. “Taking care of their own” says more about you, Johnny-boy, than it does me. I don’t see any reason to care only about people who have the same tone skin as myself. But maybe because I’m not a racist who believes white people are superior and only cares about white people.

So what is a skeptic?

A skeptic is someone who doubts claims for which there is no supporting evidence. It is quite sensible to be skeptical of this so called white genocide because it isn’t fucking happening.

Don’t call yourself a skeptic if you make outrageous claims, and don’t pretend that those who doubt those outrageous claims are not being skeptical. It’s stupid.

Mainstream news isn’t perfect, but it is mostly neutral. So the reason mainstream news doesn’t cover this supposed genocide is because no such genocide is taking place.

Sorry Johnny-boy, but you don’t get to accept propaganda claims at face value and then claim that someone who doubts it is not a skeptic. Kudos to Johnny for commenting outside of his little racist echo chamber though.

I had a lot more to write here, but it will have to wait until another time as I have work to do…

Why the right wing is wrong

This is a complete change of subject to what I intended writing, but on my second day sitting at home and ill, I was appalled to read more nonsense about “white genocide” in South Africa shared on social media, so I felt compelled to tackle this subject again.

Let’s explain how I ended up with these views… I grew up in apartheid South Africa. Almost every white person I knew, and in childhood I only knew white people, was racist. Almost without exception, all of them… That is not to say it was always their fault. We were exposed to propaganda all the time. We grew up in areas where black people were not allowed to live, ate in restaurants where they could not, went to beaches where they could not, went to schools they weren’t allowed to attend, and learned from our racist parents. It rubs off. Racism is implicit and racists don’t even realize that they are racists. But they don’t have to stay that way.

I first became aware of apartheid when I was eleven years old. In my primary school, we had a progressive history teacher, who taught us that the history we’d learned up to that point was false. All the nonsense about the land being unoccupied and the white people moving in while the black people moved down to Cape Town from the north, etc. It was all bullshit. This was followed by another progressive teacher in my last grade of primary school.

In high school, I dropped history as a subject as soon as I was allowed. However, left wing teachers were more careful there, presumably because teenagers don’t keep quiet about what they hear in school. By the time I finished school, I had to spend a year in the army because of conscription. They made me sign a form stating I would never support the ANC. Because I was 18 and naïve, I didn’t see through them. To my shame, I was taken in by the rhetoric when they threatened us… when they explained that if I did not sign, it would be held against me and I’d never get a job. In reality and in post-apartheid South Africa, that would have counted in my favour. And maybe those idiots would have kicked me out and I wouldn’t have had to waste a year of my life in the apartheid army.

But it retrospect, I’m glad I signed that piece of paper. It exposed me to the harsh reality that most of my white countrymen were racists. It exposed me to a perverted form of white supremacist Christianity where the religion itself was used to justify racism and the Group Areas Act (the legislation that prevented blacks and whites from living in the same areas). It helped me to see through them. I still see through them. (By the way, I see that same form of perverted white supremacist Christianity is used by Evangelical Christians in the USA today.)

A few years ago, I went to an uncle’s funeral. He was my father’s brother, and while there, I spoke to another family member. Somehow the subject of racism came up, and I mentioned that I couldn’t understand how people could still be racist. He agreed with me, and then went on to say, “I treat all the boys who work for me fairly”. Boys. He referred to grown up men as boys just because they are black. And that’s the way it is – racists don’t know they are racists. It was like I had gone back in time and tried to have a reasonable conversation with my father… impossible.

So this is the way it is, the reality of the “white genocide” of farm murders. Farm murders are real. People are killed on farms just like in the cities and suburbia. People are killed by criminals – drug addicts getting money for their next fix. You are equally likely to be killed there regardless of the colour of your skin, even though you’d think criminals would only target those who have more money, which would be the farmers. (Truth be told, junkie criminals aren’t that smart. They target everybody.) The stats that those who believe in white genocide refer to don’t even mention race.

What’s really happening is this: White racists who were racists before apartheid ended, are still racists today. They have learned to hide it because it’s unpopular to call black people kaffirs to their faces. It will get you into trouble. But they genuinely believe that black people are inferior, and they remember apartheid with fondness. To them, it is unfortunate that apartheid ended, and black people are the enemy. An enemy who now has equal rights and power. An enemy who would want revenge. And when they hear about farm murders, it fits right into their narrative that they believed before apartheid ended – that black people shouldn’t be given rights because they will be incompetent in everything they do (because they are inferior), and that they will seek revenge. This belief in “white genocide” is thus a manifestation of the fear of these racists, the fear that what they thought would happen, would happen. It’s not happening. It’s not real. But try telling that to these right wing loons.

The right wing in this country is all about that sort of view, a view twisted by racism, held by people who mostly are not even self aware enough to know that they are racists. And of course some who do. That’s why I despise them. That’s why I call them racist scum and white trash. Because that’s what they are.

White people are not being persecuted in South Africa

Recently I pissed somebody off, when writing about the so-called white squatter camps in South Africa. Maybe I shouldn’t have referred to poor white people as white trash. That wasn’t nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that white squatter camps are not what they appear to be.

Ask yourself:

  1. Why is it that the only place you hear about those camps is via social media, linking to dubious sites that ask for donations?
  2. How is it that 20 years after the fall of apartheid, we have “whites only” societies?

I’m not saying that those places don’t exist. They do. But they are not what they seem.

Currently there are many articles being shared that claim white people are being persecuted, raped, murdered and so on here on a grand scale. These articles about white squatter camps fall into that category. They’re shared by racists – by white supremacists, who would like to have us believe that the situation of apartheid has been reversed. They’re shared by right-wingers who for whatever reason, seem to enjoy the fear-mongering. They prey on the confirmation bias of white racists and also expats, who are only too keen to believe that their fears have come to pass.

The fact is, this persecution of white people is not happening. See this article on AfriCheck about it.

The situation in South Africa is bad… we are approaching junk status financially, and our government is more corrupt than it ever was, but let’s stick to reality, not irrational, racist fears.

And white poverty is on the increase, but that is expected. I remember about 25 years ago… There were many unskilled white people who worked for the railway or in local government administration, people who had government subsidies and “nice” housing at the expense not only of us taxpayers, but also the vast majority of the populace. Those unskilled white people don’t get such benefits any more, and so it should be. This is Africa.

And to Eugene: I’m white. I can’t be a racist against white people. That doesn’t make sense. You have valid points, in that it was unfair of me to refer to any people as trash. And I wrote about those squatter camps without knowing all the facts. (I don’t need all the facts. When I recognize that something is shared to appeal to the emotions of white racists, and to get their money, facts don’t matter.) It’s fair to criticize me for not having the facts, but cut out the ad hominem. You didn’t provide any factual information either, and contributed nothing other than contradiction and some trolling. This is my blog. I don’t have to allow your hateful comments. I can delete them, or edit them if I want to. If you have something useful to write, do so, otherwise you’re just being annoying.

White squatter camps in South Africa? I don’t think so.

One of my white expatriate friends in the UK has a habit of sharing white supremacist bullshit on Facebook. He’s shared rubbish before about the murder of white people by black people in South Africa, and this time he shared this rubbish about white squatter camps in South Africa.

Is it really so difficult to think critically rather than credulously passing along whatever you read that suits your racist agenda? The article cites BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) as the reason for growing poverty among white South Africans. My first step before accepting a report on any site as factual (ignoring that the one in question provides no evidence of the alleged “camps”) is to peruse other content of the same website… Is there an agenda? Is this really a news site or do all its articles share a common theme?

The article shows photos of children in the alleged white squatter camps (shanty towns), and gives details of an organisation that’s helping those people. The address (and banking details!) of the organisation is given, but notably absent are the addresses of the white shanty towns themselves. In this day and age, where I can find the address of anything using Google Maps before driving there, where the GPS is my driving aid of choice, at the very least I would expect those photos to be accompanied by addresses and GPS coordinates. Or how about some statistics about the increase in white poverty and the population growth, along with the locations, of the alleged camps? A legitimate article about such a subject should contain a few graphs to help us visualize the plight of the poor and the rise in white poverty.

Note that the organisation helping those people is “Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal”. That name alone should tell you all you need to know. It’s an Akrikaans name that translates as “Farmer Community Gauteng”. “Boer” is Afrikaans for farmer, but is also slang used by white Afrikaans people to describe themselves. “Transvaal” is the old name for Gauteng – old as in apartheid-era name. So this community is a community of white people who look out for other white people.

Where are the adults in the photos? I’m not saying that we should simply be sceptical of such photos. I’m saying that we should immediately disregard them as fake, or not what they appear to be.

There are plenty of poor communities in South Africa. Even if we are to accept that there are some poor “white” communities, we should ask ourselves why those communities are only white… An area that is predominantly white or even all-white doesn’t necessarily mean that white poverty is on the increase. It could simply mean that those communities are made up of white trash who are intolerant of other people. There are plenty of areas here that are saturated by drug addiction, which leads to destitute children. (Again, where are the adults in the photos? I can identify drug addicts from their photos alone. Too bad they are missing.) Growing poverty is an issue here, but why care specifically about white poverty? I smell a rat, and that rat’s name is Racism. Sprinkled with white supremacy.

It would be valid to criticize our venerable wannabe dictator, Jacob Zuma (SA’s president). It would be valid to point out that he is a self-enriching crook who has protected himself with cronies, and turned the ANC into a laughing stock and his personal cleanup squad. But let’s not make this about race. The problems in this country are due to some corrupt people with power. The colour of their skin is irrelevant.

To conclude, the article is from a website with a clear agenda, one where white supremacists would like to present a view of white people being persecuted, by black people. Maybe they genuinely believe it? That was what white racists always feared about the abolition of apartheid – that black people, who they regard as inferior, would not be able to govern, and that the racist system of apartheid would reverse such that white people would be oppressed by black people. Articles like those on the site in question present a narrative that this is what happened (even though it has not), which is convenient for the confirmation bias of people like my expatriate friend who ran away. It confirms that his worst fears have come to pass, and that his choice to run away was the right one.

The name of the organization mentioned treats apartheid with nostalgia, by not recognizing the new province name of the former “Transvaal”. That is, the source is white racist propaganda. While some articles on their site might contain a grain of truth, all propaganda, and in fact all well-crafted lies contain some truth. One should disregard everything on such a website as outrageous lies, and should not pass it along. Think before you share, for goodness sake…

South Africa, the 109th best country on the planet!

For those bozos who believe our esteemed idiot president, crook and mysteriously-cleared-of-all-charges rapist, Jacob Zuma, it seems that maybe, just maybe, Johannesburg is not the “foremost city in Africa”. Not by a long fucking shot.

Jacob Zuma

IFLScience recently published their commentary on the happiest country in the world (according to a Gallup-Healthways report). What got my interest was that they linked to the site where you can get the full report. South Africa is right in there, vying for the pride of the bottom dwellers, ranked at number 109 out of 145 for 2014. What is our current rating? Who knows? But thanks to the ANC government, we are strong contenders in the fight for bottom place.