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Why do atheists say you can’t prove a negative?

I no longer closely follow the debate group I mentioned recently. It does still show up in my feed though, and yesterday I saw two interesting statuses there, one of which interests me enough to write this post. The status … Continue reading

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A couple more things about atheism

Lately I’ve seen several theist debaters argue variants of Pascal’s Wager. I’ve written about it before in 2015, and if you’re interested, you can go ahead and read that old entry. But today I’m taking a different approach. Briefly, Pascal’s … Continue reading

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You have to be prepared for recovery from addiction, especially if you are a critical thinker…

Because it isn’t what you expect… I used to beat myself up about not getting recovery right straight away, but lately I see things differently. When I first tried to clean up, it was the end of 2009. I knew … Continue reading

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Why would a god demand worship?

Imagine you could create your own universe. Let’s say, hypothetically, that computer systems,  AI and neural networks were five thousand years ahead of what we have now, and one could easily create a computer program that represents a universe. You … Continue reading

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Refuting science that you don’t understand does not make your preferred god hypothesis true

I’ve written about this before, but today I’m taking a slightly different approach. Firstly I’ll present the brief version of my argument, followed by my reasons for approaching it this way. Yesterday somebody trolled a popular local atheist Facebook group … Continue reading

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The ironic dishonestly of religious apologetics and theist debaters

Maybe I came on a little strong yesterday? I was thinking about this again this morning and came to something of a mini breakthrough… Every believer who debates atheists believes in god. (Obviously.) But what does that mean? … It … Continue reading

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That’s it! I am not debating theists any more.

I’ve tried over the years, and it is nothing but a frustrating waste of time. I’m not leaving the debate groups, and that might be a mistake. My reason for staying is that their arguments, as terrible as they are, … Continue reading

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