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The problem of evil

No time to write now, but I saw this cartoon and I love how it is so much deeper than it may appear. Advertisements

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Nope, we don’t all need a god.

And nobody has one. Show me your god… have him drop by and say “Hello”. Yesterday a friend of a friend shared some ignorant comments about atheism by my fellow countryman, Trevor Noah. Well, I guess he fits right in, … Continue reading

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I don’t have any answers to explain how I went from somebody who could not imagine life without meth, to someone who can’t imagine ever using again.

Oh, that’s a horrible title. Excuse me but I’m tired – writing this late on a Sunday night. Plus I need to test Open Live Writer on a newly setup computer. Plus I hate that last post of mine being … Continue reading

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The problem with Middle Eastern countries is not Islam, it’s zero separation of church and state

Secularism is the key to a mature and successful democracy. Well, lately I hear that socialism would be better, but let’s keep it simple… If you look at countries where people are guaranteed basic human rights, where people of colour … Continue reading

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Heads up… Although I often write about addiction, this isn’t just a recovery blog.

Recently a commenter was angry that I compared snorting to smoking meth, and wrote an angry, rambling, partially coherent comment expressing her rage. She tried to convince me that I was arrogant and irresponsible by claiming that smoking meth is … Continue reading

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On my evolving usage of Facebook

I was going to refer to my evolving usage of social media, but since I created a Twitter account years ago and never logged into it, my usage is limited to Facebook. I have found it interesting how this has … Continue reading

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Mysterious ways–Why do only some of us reject the religion of our birth?

This is something I’ve always wondered about… How come I rejected my Roman Catholic religious upbringing (along with all other religions), while others, including family members, did not? The closest I’ve ever had to an answer came to me yesterday, … Continue reading

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