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“Look at the good we’ve done” is as bad an argument as “Other people are also wrong”.

I’ve seen several arguments in debates recently where the reasoning of the apologist debater could be paraphrased as, “Others are also wrong”. To illustrate, here are a couple of examples: (The one I wrote about recently.) Islamic apologists responding to … Continue reading

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I propose a simpler explanation why “Once an addict; always an addict” is not true.

The last time I wrote on this subject, it was from the perspective of twelve step programs being nonsense. While they are absolute tripe, it occurred to me this morning that considering them clouded my view and there is a … Continue reading

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Gap of the gods

I don’t have anything to write, other than my swapping the words around in the title, which I couldn’t resist…  just wanted to share the excellent image I saw on this article… I love this because it’s a great parody … Continue reading

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When you argue that criticism of your religion is unfair because other religions also oppress women, you’re probably wrong.

So yesterday I saw this meme shared yet again… I’m writing this because I am tired of seeing this stupid meme, and equally tired of the usual rebuttals to it. Mine is simple. I’m not interested in this being a … Continue reading

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Please stop trying to shift the burden of proof

I’ve written about this before so I’ll keep this one short and as simple as I can. Yesterday someone replying to a comment I made on a debate group (and I do know how to push their buttons these days!) … Continue reading

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Walk the Talk 2017

Yesterday I participated in the 2017 Walk the Talk 8km walk, with a team from SASS. (South African Secular Society) Here are some photos… Me before the walk. (Above.) Me after the walk. (Above.) Don’t be fooled by the smile… … Continue reading

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Some annoying loaded questions for atheists

So recently I saw this shared on Facebook: This was the original text: A close relative from my hometown area contacted me this morning. This person said that they have been watching my page for sometime and have recently had … Continue reading

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