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Four Years Clean

Wow. I can’t believe another year has passed. This time I don’t have much to say. I’m four years clean. Fuck you, crystal meth, I won! Just two days ago, I received a copy of the letter from court indicating … Continue reading

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I finally received the letter proving I got my son back.

Better late than never? Foster care was terminated on 15 December 2015, but today was the last time the social worker followed up. She called me a few minutes ago and told me she was closing the file. (Yay!) So … Continue reading

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I struggle with ways to discipline my son.

This is the one thing I have really struggled with the last two years. (Besides my car troubles the last few months. I mean, something that gets to me emotionally.) Josh is mostly a good boy, but he has some … Continue reading

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Being a single parent isn’t easy, but I’m doing my best.

Here’s a shout-out to all the single parents out there… I don’t think everybody realizes quite how difficult it can be to work a full time job and also be a parent. I only have one child and it isn’t … Continue reading

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In a world of participation trophies and fears of abandonment, my son expects a medal for merely getting out of bed.

Lately I’m struggling with my son. Everything is an obstacle. Everything. Last night it was his grammar homework. He had to pluralize a bunch of words that ended in the letter Y, such as “army” and “party”. He had them … Continue reading

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Trying to teach a child to play Solitaire… not as easy as I thought

I have less time than usual this morning, since I had to drop my mother off for her monthly hospital appointment, in the opposite direction to work. This was my latest Facebook status, which I’ll repeat here, and quote it … Continue reading

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My mother tells me I’m “not allowed to change my mind” when it comes to raising my son with religion.

In case the title is ambiguous, my view several years ago was that I should raise any children I have with Catholicism, as I was raised. I don’t remember exactly when I changed it. Last night I was chatting to … Continue reading

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