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Please stop sharing this “viral math problem” bullshit.

I’m sick of seeing it. I keep seeing links to this problem where they mention the answers could be nine or one, and of course most people get it wrong. (I did when I first looked at it.) Like most … Continue reading

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My fitness progress, after a short break

Well, I’ve figured out what to do on my one night of peace and quiet… waste my data on Facebook, which isn’t so bad since it expires tomorrow anyway. I’ve shared on my gym progress a few times now so … Continue reading

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Anyone else seeing extra spam, and more sophisticated spam, in the last could of days?

I’ve noticed hundreds of new spam comments here in the last few days… The only spam detection I have is Akismet, since it’s built in to public WordPress. It works well though. The first few of this “new generation” spam … Continue reading

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The worst service I have ever received

My car is still not repaired. It’s taking so long, I wrote a review of the place where the repair is taking place. You can see the review here. I wrote it too quickly, so it has some spelling mistakes. … Continue reading

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On the unrealism of dreams, and the problems with their depiction in fiction

Something has always struck me as being wrong with the oft-used narratives in science fiction and fantasy, where a protagonist for some reason, and it’s generally a noble one, gets to enter the dream of another person. I’m thinking of … Continue reading

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So bribe culture is a thing… Who knew?

Apparently I can still be naive. When someone attempts to solicit a bribe from me, I don’t take the hint because it doesn’t even cross my mind. Here’s what happened… This weekend, I attended my brother’s wedding on Saturday. He … Continue reading

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I had a car accident last Friday

I don’t even know what to say, but feel like I have to write something. So I was driving to work at around 6:40Am on Friday, when I reached a point in the road where all the other cars stopped … Continue reading

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