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Asking for help without stating the problem you need to solve is like asking for directions without stating your destination.

I’ve read similar complaints from Raymond Chen’s blog a long time ago, so I gather this is not an isolated problem. It seems to be a common problem where people (who are not stupid) ask for help, but because they … Continue reading

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Do you ever look at yourself and wonder “what if”?

When I was a toddler we had a neighbour, an old woman named Mrs Twine, who gave piano lessons. One day, after I sat with her while she played, she remarked to my parents that I was a natural, since … Continue reading

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A year of nothing but problems…

A few years ago I naively expected sobriety to be nothing but a good, normal life without problems. I was wrong. Sometimes life sucks no matter what. One good thing happened this year: I bought the apartment I’d been renting … Continue reading

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On my evolving usage of Facebook

I was going to refer to my evolving usage of social media, but since I created a Twitter account years ago and never logged into it, my usage is limited to Facebook. I have found it interesting how this has … Continue reading

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Please stop sharing this “viral math problem” bullshit.

I’m sick of seeing it. I keep seeing links to this problem where they mention the answers could be nine or one, and of course most people get it wrong. (I did when I first looked at it.) Like most … Continue reading

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My fitness progress, after a short break

Well, I’ve figured out what to do on my one night of peace and quiet… waste my data on Facebook, which isn’t so bad since it expires tomorrow anyway. I’ve shared on my gym progress a few times now so … Continue reading

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Anyone else seeing extra spam, and more sophisticated spam, in the last could of days?

I’ve noticed hundreds of new spam comments here in the last few days… The only spam detection I have is Akismet, since it’s built in to public WordPress. It works well though. The first few of this “new generation” spam … Continue reading

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