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What would you like me to write about?

Commenter James suggested on the About page comments that while I might know more about meth, I am holding back. He might have a point. I write about whatever is on my mind, and lately, the subject of meth and … Continue reading

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Playing conspiracies off against each other

It’s Josh’s tenth birthday today. No photos so far, as he’s had his gift from me for two days already, after I took him to the shop to choose it himself. GTA5 on the Xbox… So, here’s something for the … Continue reading

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Asking for help without stating the problem you need to solve is like asking for directions without stating your destination.

I’ve read similar complaints from Raymond Chen’s blog a long time ago, so I gather this is not an isolated problem. It seems to be a common problem where people (who are not stupid) ask for help, but because they … Continue reading

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Do you ever look at yourself and wonder “what if”?

When I was a toddler we had a neighbour, an old woman named Mrs Twine, who gave piano lessons. One day, after I sat with her while she played, she remarked to my parents that I was a natural, since … Continue reading

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A year of nothing but problems…

A few years ago I naively expected sobriety to be nothing but a good, normal life without problems. I was wrong. Sometimes life sucks no matter what. One good thing happened this year: I bought the apartment I’d been renting … Continue reading

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On my evolving usage of Facebook

I was going to refer to my evolving usage of social media, but since I created a Twitter account years ago and never logged into it, my usage is limited to Facebook. I have found it interesting how this has … Continue reading

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Please stop sharing this “viral math problem” bullshit.

I’m sick of seeing it. I keep seeing links to this problem where they mention the answers could be nine or one, and of course most people get it wrong. (I did when I first looked at it.) Like most … Continue reading

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