Smoking versus snorting meth and more on its effect on your voice

Yesterday a friend commented on my Facebook post that I was unlucky that I didn’t try the meth in Poland as he did, because then I would have “quit much sooner since it was like sniffing laundry detergent”. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I would have been hooked no matter where I used meth, and the quality of the stuff is quite bad everywhere, but in any case, I smoked it and never snorted it.

This got me thinking about the different delivery mechanisms of meth to your brain… Intravenous injection is probably the fastest and most efficient delivery mechanism, closely followed by smoking, then snorting and digestion trail a long way behind.

If you think about it, meth consists of crystals, not powder like cocaine. Thus even when crushed and snorted up the nose, it consists of smaller crystals, such that the surface area exposed for absorption is limited. Some of it is probably wasted. (I don’t know how it works. Maybe the crystals dissolve in your mucous, and all is absorbed eventually, just more slowly.)

Smoking it takes advantage of your respiratory system. The crystals dissolve over a flame and are inhaled as a vapour, directly to your lungs, and thus the drug reaches your brain as fast as oxygen does. That’s a pretty efficient mechanism, since it (breathing) keeps you alive.

Intravenous injection involves dissolving the drug in water and injecting all of it directly into the blood. I never tried that, because smoking was a ritual that I became attached to, but I imagine that’s as an efficient delivery mechanism as possible.

But there is another reason, if you do use meth, to smoke it rather than inject or snort… The drugs contain many impurities. Smoking them will still expose you to most of them anyway, but not all. When you burn it, a brown or black residue is often left on the glass. A residue that needs to be cleaned off with an ear bud and some Handy Andy or toothpaste. (And when truly wired out of my mind, I would tweak on scraping that shit out with a darning needle.) Of course, if you snort or inject the shit, you get all the impurities.

I neither condone nor recommend using meth – all I’m saying is that it is probably less dangerous, in terms of the absorption of unknown impurities, to smoke it than to snort or inject. Of course, take this advice with a grain of salt meth, since smoking it nearly destroyed my life. It really would be better not to use it at all.

Now onto my second subject of the day: the effects of meth on your voice.

My comments yesterday about addicts talking all night in tense tones might have been confusing, so I’ll try to clear that up…

  1. Right after taking a hit of meth, it does sometimes result in a squeaky voice.
  2. Meth makes you anxious, and when you use in a group, everybody is often talking at once, but sounding anxious. It’s almost like speaking while out of breath, forcing the words out abruptly, cutting every word off sharply, and sounding angry.
  3. It’s not unusual for meth addicts to talk right through the night.
  4. When doing so, I call it a monologue, because everybody is talking and not everybody is listening. Some people just drone on and on.
  5. Eventually, after a few days awake, you still speak like that, but slower. You still feel alert, but you are slow, like a zombie, and this is noticeable.

I hope that clears up any confusion about the effects of meth on your voice. There are actually quite a few effects, and when meth addicts use in a group, there are always people at different stages of the using cycle. There’s always one person who is delayed, and so far out of it they do not know what’s going on. The others often mock that person, oblivious to the irony that it affects them all that way. Hence my old ironic line that I came up with at that time:

Life is always a grand adventure when you don’t know what the fuck is going on.

7 thoughts on “Smoking versus snorting meth and more on its effect on your voice

  1. Thank you very much for explaining this in detail. This (at least for me) valuable kind of information is hard to find elsewhere on the web.. I’m so delighted I found your blog, Jerome.

    You seem to be a brilliant guy in many ways. And I especially like the posts in which you tell us about your relationship to your child. You seem to be a very caring father.

    So I believe that G-d will open the Pearly Gates for you. But I hope you can resist entering Heaven. IMHO Heaven must be like Hell for an intelligent person like you. It can’t be fun to associate with morons all day long 24/7/12/365 and listen to bad and silly arguments all the time. And be forced to praise the Lard. 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome.

      This blog has helped me too. Thinking about the other post you just commented on… The one about hearing voices starting with pareidolia… Back when I was on meth and hearing voices, I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. And when I did try, they shut me out. Especially other addicts. I suspected at the time that they were also hearing voices, but were afraid to talk about it because they thought they were losing their sanity. This fear caused them to be secretive rather than seeking help. But nobody spoke to me about it to confirm my suspicion.

      The anonymity of the internet makes it easier… so now several have commented on my posts on that subject. Now I see that hearing such voices is common, and that my suspicions were probably mostly correct. This is a huge relief for me somehow. It also helps bring closure to those years of confusion and living hell.

      And hopefully writing about that also helps other meth addicts who find such posts. They probably have the same difficulties as myself, and at least this way they can read about it from somebody who understands. Without some information about the true nature of the voices, it is easy to come to the wrong conclusions and sink ever deeper into paranoia, delusion and depression. For that reason, when people comment stuff that is clearly delusional, I can be blunt and shut them down quickly and harshly. (And sometimes I can be rude or mocking.) I want to wake them up out of their delusions, if possible, and show them reality.

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    2. Also, the one thing I got out of NA that I didn’t disagree with was my empathy for “the still suffering addict”. I don’t want to know them personally or meet them, but through my writing, I can get into their heads, and show them what they are doing to themselves, as well as that it is possible to get out of that situation.

      (I do believe that the best way to win an argument, whether it be to convince someone that their belief is wrong, or to show someone what their addiction is doing to them and their families, is to understand them, to “get inside their head”. I can get inside the head of addicts easily because I was there for so long. My theory doesn’t seem to work when arguing against theism though… Even though I understand the opposing view/belief, analysing it and explaining their beliefs in terms of their assumptions and indoctrination is only ever met with hostility.)

      By writing about my son and things that are important in my life now (which is easy because I just write about whatever is occupying my mind), I can show the contrast between the mindset of an addict who is using drugs, and someone who doesn’t use drugs at all anymore. Hopefully that can be inspiring.

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  2. So you just assume that smoking meth is the better option based on some false information likely given to you by another user? Why do you think that the black spot is all the impurities left behind therefore most weren’t inhaled? First of all anytime you heat dangerous chemicals you get heat generated carcinogens not to mention the irreversible damage done to your lungs. Do you suppose that it’s easy to get new lungs when yours are destroyed from many years of smoking meth? I don’t think that’s going to happen! When you snort meth the worst thing (aside from typical side effects) you’re going to experience is a deviated septum which isn’t life threatening and easily repaired in simple outpatient surgery. Obviously you don’t give a crap about actually helping people or you’d have done some research on this topic prior to making your post. I love the internet it’s my true love, my ride or die, my boo thang, the yin to my yang! The internet has made it possible for me to quickly and easily access a wealth of information on any topic I’m interested in. Well Jerome I’m a very curious person so I’ve researched a wide array of topic some rather extensively- meth being one of them. For that I’m thankful and I suppose the fact the internet is also the hub for every self important narcissistic troll with a shitty opinion will just have to be considered collateral damage. But I digress let’s get back to why you’re a jerk for making this post. Are you familiar with bio availability? It’s about 95% when smoking and about 65% when snorting. How about the belief that using an object while getting high only furthers the addiction meaning recovery is more difficult.When smoking there is a ritual to it which is usually as equally addictive as the drug itself. Also each ROA will deliver different effects and snorting and eating it don’t provide that initial rush meth users love! Smoking also doesn’t last nearly as long which means shocking the body with meth multiple times in the day as opposed to 1-2 max! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DEVELOPED FULL BLOWN ADDICTIONS SIMPLY BY CHANGING THEIR ROA FROM SNORTING TO SMOKING? Please do not put such bs on a blog for recovering addicts. Once a person begins smoking meth the urge to smoke becomes a compulsion which eventually will become their prison. Smoking isn’t easily done in any location like snorting is so users will isolate themselves from family as well as avoid places they know they can’t get a hit. I advise you to do some serious research on HARM REDUCTION before making any more self important “look at me I’m a martyr” posts to your alleged addiction recovery blog. I’ll list a few sites where you can find actual facts and in the meantime please don’t advise anymore people to smoke meth rather than snort it.


    1. Also, way to miss the point. I don’t encourage anyone to use meth, ever. The reason the bit about smoking versus snorting is here is to explain that it is more effective in terms of absorption.

      Your assertion that snorting won’t get you addicted seems ironic, given your long single paragraph and run-on sentences.


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