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What if you’re wrong? (Your claim that I should worship your god.)

I’ve been participating in online debates with theists for a couple of years now, and have written about it many times here. I thought it might be useful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, in … Continue reading

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Reification – a fallacy I hadn’t seen before

It’s always great to learn something new, and this one is new to me… When debating in one of those groups I’m in, someone presented a post where they asked atheists to show them where the physical ego or super-ego … Continue reading

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“Every creation has a creator; therefore God exists.” Way to beg the question, dude!

I really ought to stop debating these people. The other day I mentioned the one person in particular who posts nothing but memes that “debunk” evolution, or at least a straw man thereof. Even though I explained the issues with … Continue reading

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No true addict and another example of the No True Scotsman logical fallacy

Recently someone who knows nothing about me has again insisted that I am not a true addict. This is insulting and I’ll explain why by giving a couple of examples of their fallacy. Firstly, what is the No True Scotsman … Continue reading

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Even if you could disprove evolution, it would not prove that your god exists

One of the debate groups I belong to is being bombarded by a barrage of attacks from a veritable army of straw men, most of whom deny evolution. Hence I must write this so that I can link to it … Continue reading

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No, the “works of god” are not proof of god.

Just a quick one today. I saw this argument several times in the last few days, and I have also seen it many more times presented in debate groups by simple minded and ignorant believers over the last couple of … Continue reading

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