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Chemtrails version 2 are coming to a city near you!

It has come to my attention that our Reptilian Overlords™ have finally realized the folly of spraying us with their mind-controlling chemicals from 30 000 feet and higher. Oddly, the very persistence of these chemtrails, often touted as evidence that … Continue reading

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Patents don’t mean what you might think they mean

Yesterday somebody tried to convince me that a conspiracy is real, and even though I did not read her whole comment since it was a single long run-on paragraph, I noticed a link to a patent at the end. So, … Continue reading

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Mind control isn’t real because nobody cares about you, among other reasons.

Recently there were some comments on this blog (starting here) asserting that mind control is a thing because meth addicts are tuned in to the government frequencies (or something)… Don’t pay attention to the original comment too much as I’m … Continue reading

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Coincidences happen more often than you think

Another short post due to lack of time. Today I was reminded of how often coincidences can occur. I’ll write about my coincidence later, but first, here’s some interesting related reading… Dr Steven Novella on anomaly hunting. Cherry-picking similarities between … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theorist sees end times warning in Justin Bieber video

There’s nothing left for me to say. Just listen to this madman make connection after connection as he watches a video that included random submitted fan art. It created the perfect medium for someone looking for meaning in the meaningless … Continue reading

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Welcome to the flat and hollow Earth

It’s time for a nightly giggle. Check out the best comedy on YouTube, which also serves as a fine working example of Dunning-Kruger in action.   This poor fool, let’s call him Captain Oblivious, has an educational video that proves … Continue reading

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