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I found this eloquently written rebuttal of the so-called argument from morality, and had to share it…

I don’t normally do this – share the writing of other atheists, I mean. But this article is so well stated that I just can’t help myself. Please go and read it here. (Note that the argument from morality is … Continue reading

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Questioning the origin of the claim that god exists is not a genetic fallacy. Here’s why…

I still don’t have time for much writing, but thought I’d share this excellent meme I found yesterday… Of course it’s a variation of what I’ve written before – god is nothing more than an explanation for the unknown, invented … Continue reading

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Someone asked why atheist Facebook groups have so many religious memes…

While I don’t have much time to write, I figured it’s a good time to share some of my snark. (Sarcasm – it doesn’t have to be ironic.) I don’t think the person asking the question really thought it through. … Continue reading

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The lottery fallacy, as used by theists debating atheists

I’m struggling with my new keyboard, which is resulting in double key-presses, including spaces… all the time. I may not get to correct all of them. So please excuse any weird spelling errors here. (OK, screw it. I was having … Continue reading

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Another example of begging the question

In case any regular readers are wondering, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still here, but don’t have much time to write at the moment. My car, which was in an accident I wrote about recently, is still at the auto … Continue reading

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Having the faith of a child is not respectworthy at all

My Live Writer spell-checker suggests that “respectworthy” isn’t a word. I’m going to assume it’s wrong. The evidence to support my claim that respectworthy is valid, is that several internet dictionaries list it. Anyway, on with the post… The last … Continue reading

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If you think “Fuck God” is offensive, but “I am nothing” isn’t, I’m afraid you have it backwards. Also, don’t tell me “I’ll pray for you”.

A few people were offended recently when I shared this image on Facebook… (with that comment on the status) I’d marry her A friend of a friend said that she’d pray for me… Oh wait… I screenshotted it before the … Continue reading

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