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The problem with Middle Eastern countries is not Islam, it’s zero separation of church and state

Secularism is the key to a mature and successful democracy. Well, lately I hear that socialism would be better, but let’s keep it simple… If you look at countries where people are guaranteed basic human rights, where people of colour … Continue reading

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Walk the Talk 2017

Yesterday I participated in the 2017 Walk the Talk 8km walk, with a team from SASS. (South African Secular Society) Here are some photos… Me before the walk. (Above.) Me after the walk. (Above.) Don’t be fooled by the smile… … Continue reading

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Smoke Meth & Hail Satan?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of references to this shirt online… I think it’s quite funny, so I share it myself when I see it, but maybe it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t supposed to be taken literally, just … Continue reading

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“My Religion” homework for my son in second grade?

I posted this to a local atheist activist group, and received a great deal of support… might as well post it here too. Note that my message to the teacher is not aggressive… I am merely pointing out that proselytizing … Continue reading

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