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Some photos from last weekend

Last week Megan’s mother visited us on Sunday, as she had some time in Johannesburg between two flights. It was good for Josh to see his other grandmother, since he last saw her when he was about 18 months old … Continue reading

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Why do we make things so complicated?

I’d make a terrible judge. I’m thinking of those TV judges like Judge Judy and the like. They’re presented with two people who have some sort of disagreement, and who make their cases. I watch those programs with fascination, often … Continue reading

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Is feeling loss before it happens a good coping strategy?

Time for a personal post again. I mentioned a couple of months ago that Megan (my ex) and Aishah (her five year old daughter and our son’s half sister) are back. This was after agonizing over it for months, with … Continue reading

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Some recent photos

I bought a new phone last weekend, and it takes much better photos than the old one. A couple of Aishah from the other day… Last night, me with Josh and Aishah. They were fighting over me and I suggested … Continue reading

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Josh and Aishah yesterday (21 June 2018)

Megan and Aishah are with us again. I can’t say if they are visiting or if this is more permanent, because reasons… As far as Josh knows, this is a visit, but let’s see how things work out. They arrived … Continue reading

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My beautiful son is ten years old now

Last Monday Josh turned ten years old. I can hardly believe it. This time has passed so quickly. While there were ups and downs that I have mentioned recently, I could not love my son more, and we are closer … Continue reading

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Daddy Bear for nearly two years now

It’s just over two weeks to a significant date for me – 15th December 2017 – and I don’t mean the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I mean the two year anniversary of the court date when foster … Continue reading

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