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Daddy Bear for nearly two years now

It’s just over two weeks to a significant date for me – 15th December 2017 – and I don’t mean the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I mean the two year anniversary of the court date when foster … Continue reading

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Josh and Aishah from 24 December 2016 to 01 January 2017

I’m not handling this at all well. I can’t look at photos or videos of Aishah without my eyes filling up with tears. I don’t often take photos of Josh lately, as much as I love him, because I see … Continue reading

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One year since my son was returned to my care

I don’t normally write at the end of the day when I’m tired, so this will be short… It’s ironic, given the subject of todays post, that I’m writing it while Josh is away. We just spent lunch and the … Continue reading

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More selfies, and goodbye uncomfortable beard…

I don’t know where this Movember thing comes from, but anyway, I did it. I grew my beard for a month, hated having it, and now it’s gone. So here’s today’s three photos, the last time I’ll ever have a … Continue reading

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A rare selfie (with Josh)

I don’t normally post selfies, especially here, but anyway… I’ve been growing my beard for November 2016, and taking a selfie each day, then posting it to an album on Facebook. The first couple were terrible, since I’d never taken … Continue reading

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My emotional rollercoaster

These days I normally tell people I am happy. I’m three years clean after all – I have my son back for nearly a year now and all is well. It’s mostly true and I am happy, but it’s more … Continue reading

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My fourth birthday since cleaning up

Yesterday was another milestone… not much of one but something towards the next important milestone… It was my 45th birthday, and also my third birthday after cleaning up. To be honest, I’d regarded my age since cleaning up as a … Continue reading

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