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Somebody ought to teach these Flat Earth morons about Occam’s Razor…

This is hilarious. I’m copying and pasting the meme and quoted text from this Facebook photo… Generally, those who ask before researching raise questions based on ignorance of the true Earth model. This image illustrates one of these questions. No, … Continue reading

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Someone asked why atheist Facebook groups have so many religious memes…

While I don’t have much time to write, I figured it’s a good time to share some of my snark. (Sarcasm – it doesn’t have to be ironic.) I don’t think the person asking the question really thought it through. … Continue reading

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Some of the most stupid arguments for a god

I had something serious in mind for today, but now I don’t feel like writing it… something that happens now and then. So instead, here is a subject that I find funny; a few of the silliest arguments I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Something a little less serious

I hate being serious all the time. It’s fucking depressing. So I thought I’d share this silly meme that I shared on Facebook, with my line – also because I thought my line added on my Facebook share (above the … Continue reading

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The world is not flat, and nobody needs to say that.

Even in this day and age, there are still people who believe the world is flat. To say that such a person is not the brightest crayon in the box, is an understatement. Their box is empty! Empty vessels make … Continue reading

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Another pet peeve: Please stop using the word “revert” in business emails.

Yesterday I received an email that included something like this: The issue has been raised with [Redacted Company Name], and we will revert before end of business today. What does that even mean? As stated, it means that by the … Continue reading

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Sarcasm isn’t always ironic

Just a random thought in a quick post today… Earlier, while browsing one of the Facebook groups I belong to, I read a post directed at newcomers. The original poster saw the need to condescend to them and explain how … Continue reading

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