Facebook scammers–they’re not the sharpest crayons in the shed

They’re also not the brightest tools in the box.

Hey, at least I can still have some fun in messenger while on a 30 day Facebook ban, huh? Seriously though, I’ve always been told that scammers deliberately target stupid people… but I’m not so sure. I’m convinced that the scammers themselves aren’t the smartest. So it’s a case of idiots scamming other idiots. If these guys get you into sending them money, you probably deserve to be scammed. Case in point, this fool was very obviously using a stolen Facebook profile of a dead guy, and it was easy to spot.

Here’s how the conversation went before “she” blocked me…







Maybe one day I’ll stick around for the whole conversation, until the point when they ask me for money… This one didn’t even get to ask me where I’m from, to which the usual answer is, “I come from a far away planet called Krypton”. But I did get to have some fun with them.

Now this here is a fallacy

I’ve mentioned this group before. It’ a group of mostly bigots, many of whom are transphobic.

But I’m just posting this as an example of how stupid people can be when debating, and why it’s a waste of time to engage with them.

Regardless of what you think about transgender women, and ignoring that people aren’t numbers in a mathematical equation, this is still a fallacy of composition.

By this lady’s logic (excuse me but I always misgender transphobes), we should be able to take the statement, “gay men are men”, which is obviously true, and reverse it, because according to him we can reverse all true statements just like equations, and thus it must mean that all men are gay. Because mathematics! And science!


Something less serious

After my last post, here’s a sample of how I stay amused… I haven’t removed myself from these debate groups precisely because of this kind of bizarre post.

Sorry I can’t fit the whole thing in so well, and I’m really not interested in zooming in on the details of this tree. (You can though. I’ll link it to the Facebook status and you can take a look if you really want to.) But what amuses me is that trees are indeed a feature in programming, my line of work. Trees are fascinating things. Every node in a tree is itself a tree because it can have any number of child nodes, which themselves can have children, etc. Trees can get very complicated very quickly and that’s why, as a software developer I hate them. I can not emphasize this enough: Fuck trees!


But one thing I do know is that trees are an interesting abstraction. One that I happen to hate, but still. You also have trees in the Bible. Not the same kind of tree – the similarity ends at the coincidence of us using the same word in the English language.

But Joe here claims the Biblical trees are actually not literal. Then he climbs (down?) that analogy further until Nod means a different root node. (Again the similarity in words is down to English, never mind what language the Bible was written in or what words were used in the original.) Strange use of the tree abstraction really…It makes more sense to grow new branches than to change the root node, which would involve rebuilding the whole tree, but then Joe uses different kind of logic to the rest of us.

I especially like the bit about Spiritual Circumcision, although I’m somewhat disappointed he didn’t think of mixing metaphors and connect it to pruning somehow. Come on Joe! You can do better…

I’d love to know how Joe’s mind works and connects those dots though.

This might just be the most ironic thing I have ever seen.


And by “seen” I don’t mean that I clicked through to watch the video. Fuck knows what “Flat Earth Dave” has to say, and maybe fuck cares? But I do not.

But I’d wager that those two “feeble mouse brains” have more brains than Dave and all his followers put together and multiplied by itself. ‘Cause zero squared is still zero, folks.

Edit: I was just checking up on the “Nonsense” saved collection I have in Facebook, and it turns out that this video was already removed from YouTube for violating guidelines. Glad I got it in time… Not that I watched it, mind you, but the irony of flat earthers “shaming” people who are smarter than them is still hilarious to me.

A link to an article about online trolls

Today is my son Josh’s13th birthday. We’re going to go out shorty, but before that I thought I’d share this excellent article I just read.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s a slighly older article from 2019, but still very much appropriate. And it applies not only to political arguments, but also those dreadful atheist vs theist debate groups. Consider the following example, which we get frequently in some of these groups by some of the most obnoxious, arrogant creationists…

Debate Demanders

Speaking of debate, the Logic DESTROYER’s kin still live in a world where failure to accept a gentlemanly duel challenge besmirches one’s honor and counts as a forfeit. Whether harassing popular politicians or just clogging up your menchies, the “debate me” dudes believe your opinions or beliefs are only valid if you are willing to carve time out of your day to defend it to some prick on the internet. And if you refuse them their moment of glory, they howl about how you’ve infringed upon their right to free speech.

(Links above copied also from original article.)

Those guys happen to be frequenters of atheist vs theist debate groups too, and they can be incredibly annoying. Trust me, having some overly aggressive twat demand your time over and over again and ignoring your lack of interest is fucking annoying, especially when you know whey don’t have anything intelligent to say anyway. If you can’t make an argument publicly, why should anyone give up their personal time just for you to get into their inbox? Do check out the article. There are many more, and all are relatable.

5G Conspiracy theorists are buying fake Faraday cages to block the “harmful radiation” emitted by their routers and I can’t stop fucking laughing

Article via Popular Mechanics.

So, these loons who are afraid 5G will give them COVID-19, as well as the usual bunch of idiots who believe they suffer from the fictitious Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome are purchasing fake Faraday cages from unscrupulous business people who are only too happy to scam them.

I’ve long been aware of these people who are afraid of the evil radio waves – heck, I’ve even worked with one of them at one stage. Yeah, let that sink in… a computer programmer scared of wifi. But this is a new level of stupid.

Now they’re being conned into buying these fake Faraday cages to block the… what? Like, think about this one, will you? If you believe your 5G router is harming you somehow, but still think it can work if you block the harmful 5G rays (or whatever you think it is), then doesn’t it occur to you that it would no longer give you an internet connection? I mean, what good would a 5G router with blocked 5G actually be?

The mind boggles.