Sometimes stereotypes can be accurate? OK, Karen

Check out the top comment to a video suggested for me…


It is a silly but light-hearted and funny video, featuring a guy going around in shopping centres and leaning over to fake fart in people’s faces. I’m more interested in the Karen commenting to complain though. OK, Karen.

I do notice something interesting that happens on my Facebook wall on a 30 day ban. I’m getting a lot of these suggested videos, mostly AFV this time. Last time I’d see about 10 “Crazy Russian Hacker” videos every day. I did not see these at all when I wasn’t banned. That interests me because, obviously, my Facebook friends haven’t stopped posting, so there isn’t much of a reason for my wall to be different. The only thing that’s changed is I cannot interact or share anything. This means, the page behaving differently is deliberate. So many people get bans like this now, they’ve made a decision to change the way the site behaves while you’re banned, presumably so as not to drive away the banned users.

The reward of shitposting: 30 days of funny videos…

Also, there is one place the Facebook overlords missed… One can save posts to shared collections, and add existing friends as contributors to those collections. They don’t get a notification so they have to know to look there, or you have to let them know some other way. But I do get a notification every time a friend adds to my shared collection.

Taking the piss

What the fuck? I always see the best posts when I can’t respond.


The best comment, from a doctor who commented on the thread. (Not the OP. The screen grab post made by a friend.)

The winner was a man in his 40s who had children (girls) who thought women peed, menstruated and pooed from the vagina. If If there were any defense, I was studying at Penn State which is pretty rural and the medical school had outreach centers in very rural areas which make Western Mass look like Boston. I very snapped back in a very snarky tone “it’s not a cloaca down there”.

I found this nice diagram on a page with instructions of how to insert a catheter:


I guess it’s an easy enough mistake to make? I mean, we pee from the same hole that we cum from from so if you don’t really stop and think for a second it kind of makes sense. Actually no. Babies don’t come out the bladder, dude.

I hope this is fake

I just saw this on Facebook.


See now… This is why I don’t use the new words.

My son does though, and I’m pretty sure yeet means “throw”, hence the signboard makes no sense at all. And even if you don’t know a word, imagine how convenient it would be if there were an international online network of some sort with some kind of searching algorithm allowing you to type in “yeet meaning” and get an answer in about 2 milliseconds. Just fucking imagine.

“Virtue signalling”? The mating call of the incel who then wonders why it goes unanswered…

This is one of those posts I’d have shared immediately on Facebook. I can’t since I’m on a ban so it has to go here…


Seriously, I haven’t seen a written statement where someone seriously used “virtue signalling” as a pejorative, where that person wasn’t a twat. Or an incel.

Is your masculinity so fragile that you feel threatened by images of female super heroes? What the fuck, dude?

For those who don’t know, “incel” is a term used by certain men who self identify with that label, standing for “involuntarily celibate”, usually in the context of misogynistic drivel aimed at women, especially feminists. They hate women, yet feel entitled to sex, and have the audacity to call themselves involuntarily celibate. Because presumably those dastardly women deny them the sex that they are “owed”.


Some comic relief: I have a nutcase in my friends list and here’s a link to his profile

Loony fucking tunes, this guy:


The link in the first line points to his Facebook profile. Not sure what’s going on because I see we have 696 mutual friends and I never noticed him before. Maybe the poor guy had a breakdown or something, but everything he posts is baffling. Multiple conspiracy theories, coronavirus denial, and so on…

There are bad claims, then worse claims; then there’s this

Oh, fuck me. This is funny.


Proud intact chap over here…

Now I’m not an activist, or an “intactivist” as that person calls it, but rather I just happen to be intact because my parents didn’t believe in circumcision. And thank fuck for that. Or maybe thank that for fuck, but I’ll get to that later…

I’m an atheist now, but was brought up Catholic, and I didn’t even know that other Christians ever got circumcised, not until I had to do a year of conscription in the old SA army. It was then that I noticed a friend’s sad little penis and asked him, innocently enough, what the fuck was wrong with it. In retrospect, my words may have been poorly chosen, but this was before I learned to be more subtle.

Even when my son was born, my ex, who was also brought up Catholic, wanted to have him circumcised. I would not let that happen, and at least on this occasion she didn’t get it done anyway. (She gave our dog away while I was at work, so she could have done this without my being able to stop her. But she didn’t. Thank goodness.) When she wanted to have it done, my initial response was, “But we’re not Jewish”. Because I still figured it was generally a Jewish thing.

Anyway, there is no good reason to cut off part of anyone’s penis. It’s an archaic practice and is based solely on religion. It’s not something I’m even passionate about. Just don’t do it because it is pointless. And it shouldn’t be pointless because you shouldn’t cut off the point and that’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m only intact because my parents weren’t idiots.

Which brings me back to my silly wordplay earlier… Not everybody seems to know this, but when it gets erect, the whole thing gets erect. Which means, as it fills up with blood and expands, the foreskin then pulls back, giving you more length. Like maybe 10cm more length. I don’t know exactly because I wouldn’t wanna measure it. While that doesn’t matter to most of us, if you have a little Donald Trump style micro-mushroom piel, it could very well double your length. And “size doesn’t matter” is just a little white lie that mothers tell their inadequate sons. Sorry for you…

I’m not exactly sure who this “Sumer Anunnaki” is but I do like his choice of name. The Anunnaki were a group of supposed deities worshipped by ancient Sumerians, but they are perhaps more famous for being incorporated into the infamous mistranslations by one Zecharia Sitchin and his ancient aliens nonsense, which is then incorporated into the Nibiru Cataclysm end of world conspiracy. So there are people out there who seriously think this non-existent planet is still coming, to “bring back” the Anunnaki to “enlighten us” and such, where the Anunnaki are some kind of spiritual aliens or something – it’s not entirely clear… but the long and short of it is the full version of the end of world conspiracy back in 2012 was batshit crazy and most people probably only heard the condensed (but still crazy) version.

So I figure Sumer is a troll, but a good one. It takes some skill to get 117 angry comments, mostly by men whose fragile masculinity has been challenged. I doubt that my attempt above, to challenge the other group of men who are circumcised, will be anywhere near as effective. Well done.