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Gateway drugs may not be a thing, but gateway messages are!

Seriously, this must be one of my most popular statuses ever. Really though, from now on everybody who sends me a “hello” or “hi” or “hii” gets blocked immediately. I have never received such a message on Facebook that wasn’t … Continue reading

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How to smoke meth with Satan (a search string) and other unrelated stuff

Please excuse my hopping around from subject to subject. I feel almost bad about it… and at the end of last week I realized that most of the blogs I follow seem to have a clear pattern with regard to … Continue reading

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Chemtrails version 2 are coming to a city near you!

It has come to my attention that our Reptilian Overlords™ have finally realized the folly of spraying us with their mind-controlling chemicals from 30 000 feet and higher. Oddly, the very persistence of these chemtrails, often touted as evidence that … Continue reading

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A reminder…

Praise cod! Had to share. This is the best atheist meme I’ve seen for ages.

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I finally received the letter proving I got my son back.

Better late than never? Foster care was terminated on 15 December 2015, but today was the last time the social worker followed up. She called me a few minutes ago and told me she was closing the file. (Yay!) So … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by this hoaxed image. This dog is FLAT!

I’ve seen this floating around on Facebook, so I had to point this out to those who are so easily taken in… Shake up, weeple! Don’t be fooled. Clearly this image was taken with a cateye lens! I’ve shared this … Continue reading

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Somebody ought to teach these Flat Earth morons about Occam’s Razor…

This is hilarious. I’m copying and pasting the meme and quoted text from this Facebook photo… Generally, those who ask before researching raise questions based on ignorance of the true Earth model. This image illustrates one of these questions. No, … Continue reading

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