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My beautiful son is ten years old now

Last Monday Josh turned ten years old. I can hardly believe it. This time has passed so quickly. While there were ups and downs that I have mentioned recently, I could not love my son more, and we are closer … Continue reading

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Truth, lies, and double standards

When is a lie acceptable and when is it not? This past Saturday, I took my son Josh to a child’s birthday party. There, I mentioned to a woman, who used to be his foster mother, that I was taking … Continue reading

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A year of nothing but problems…

A few years ago I naively expected sobriety to be nothing but a good, normal life without problems. I was wrong. Sometimes life sucks no matter what. One good thing happened this year: I bought the apartment I’d been renting … Continue reading

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I struggle with ways to discipline my son.

This is the one thing I have really struggled with the last two years. (Besides my car troubles the last few months. I mean, something that gets to me emotionally.) Josh is mostly a good boy, but he has some … Continue reading

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Being a single parent isn’t easy, but I’m doing my best.

Here’s a shout-out to all the single parents out there… I don’t think everybody realizes quite how difficult it can be to work a full time job and also be a parent. I only have one child and it isn’t … Continue reading

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In a world of participation trophies and fears of abandonment, my son expects a medal for merely getting out of bed.

Lately I’m struggling with my son. Everything is an obstacle. Everything. Last night it was his grammar homework. He had to pluralize a bunch of words that ended in the letter Y, such as “army” and “party”. He had them … Continue reading

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How not to discipline a child: Instructions should not be phrased as questions or observations

At the end of last year, I mentioned the issues with my son’s behaviour. I’m not so sure I identified the problem correctly before, or at least there is another aspect to it that I didn’t consider… my mother. Full … Continue reading

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