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Another pet peeve: Please stop using the word “revert” in business emails.

Yesterday I received an email that included something like this: The issue has been raised with [Redacted Company Name], and we will revert before end of business today. What does that even mean? As stated, it means that by the … Continue reading

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Another pet peeve: Videos that don’t live up to the expectation set by their thumbnails

Do not watch the video! I’ve linked it only to show the thumbnail. Not much to this one, but I was just randomly looking at my YouTube home page while waiting for my photos to upload to Facebook, when I … Continue reading

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Just three of my pet peeves

I don’t know if I will ever finish the 3rd part of my recent series because it is too much to type, and some of it might offend some of my old co-workers who have read the first two parts. … Continue reading

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