White squatter camps in South Africa? I don’t think so.

One of my white expatriate friends in the UK has a habit of sharing white supremacist bullshit on Facebook. He’s shared rubbish before about the murder of white people by black people in South Africa, and this time he shared this rubbish about white squatter camps in South Africa.

Is it really so difficult to think critically rather than credulously passing along whatever you read that suits your racist agenda? The article cites BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) as the reason for growing poverty among white South Africans. My first step before accepting a report on any site as factual (ignoring that the one in question provides no evidence of the alleged “camps”) is to peruse other content of the same website… Is there an agenda? Is this really a news site or do all its articles share a common theme?

The article shows photos of children in the alleged white squatter camps (shanty towns), and gives details of an organisation that’s helping those people. The address (and banking details!) of the organisation is given, but notably absent are the addresses of the white shanty towns themselves. In this day and age, where I can find the address of anything using Google Maps before driving there, where the GPS is my driving aid of choice, at the very least I would expect those photos to be accompanied by addresses and GPS coordinates. Or how about some statistics about the increase in white poverty and the population growth, along with the locations, of the alleged camps? A legitimate article about such a subject should contain a few graphs to help us visualize the plight of the poor and the rise in white poverty.

Note that the organisation helping those people is “Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal”. That name alone should tell you all you need to know. It’s an Akrikaans name that translates as “Farmer Community Gauteng”. “Boer” is Afrikaans for farmer, but is also slang used by white Afrikaans people to describe themselves. “Transvaal” is the old name for Gauteng – old as in apartheid-era name. So this community is a community of white people who look out for other white people.

Where are the adults in the photos? I’m not saying that we should simply be sceptical of such photos. I’m saying that we should immediately disregard them as fake, or not what they appear to be.

There are plenty of poor communities in South Africa. Even if we are to accept that there are some poor “white” communities, we should ask ourselves why those communities are only white… An area that is predominantly white or even all-white doesn’t necessarily mean that white poverty is on the increase. It could simply mean that those communities are made up of white trash who are intolerant of other people. There are plenty of areas here that are saturated by drug addiction, which leads to destitute children. (Again, where are the adults in the photos? I can identify drug addicts from their photos alone. Too bad they are missing.) Growing poverty is an issue here, but why care specifically about white poverty? I smell a rat, and that rat’s name is Racism. Sprinkled with white supremacy.

It would be valid to criticize our venerable wannabe dictator, Jacob Zuma (SA’s president). It would be valid to point out that he is a self-enriching crook who has protected himself with cronies, and turned the ANC into a laughing stock and his personal cleanup squad. But let’s not make this about race. The problems in this country are due to some corrupt people with power. The colour of their skin is irrelevant.

To conclude, the article is from a website with a clear agenda, one where white supremacists would like to present a view of white people being persecuted, by black people. Maybe they genuinely believe it? That was what white racists always feared about the abolition of apartheid – that black people, who they regard as inferior, would not be able to govern, and that the racist system of apartheid would reverse such that white people would be oppressed by black people. Articles like those on the site in question present a narrative that this is what happened (even though it has not), which is convenient for the confirmation bias of people like my expatriate friend who ran away. It confirms that his worst fears have come to pass, and that his choice to run away was the right one.

The name of the organization mentioned treats apartheid with nostalgia, by not recognizing the new province name of the former “Transvaal”. That is, the source is white racist propaganda. While some articles on their site might contain a grain of truth, all propaganda, and in fact all well-crafted lies contain some truth. One should disregard everything on such a website as outrageous lies, and should not pass it along. Think before you share, for goodness sake…


About Jerome

I am a senior C# developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am also a recovering addict, who spent nearly eight years using methamphetamine. I write on my recovery blog about my lessons learned and sometimes give advice to others who have made similar mistakes, often from my viewpoint as an atheist, and I also write some C# programming articles on my programming blog.
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19 Responses to White squatter camps in South Africa? I don’t think so.

  1. Jerome says:

    A friend of mine in the South African police has commented on my Facebook share of this. With permission:

    These, “pro-white” charity organisations are all scams. They, house the poor whites in old, wendy houses, caravans or tents, on plots and call them settlements. They, use the poor whites for cheap labour on construction projects, but mostly to sell fake raffle tickets or to beg, on the streets. If the poor whites, don’t participate, then they’re kicked out of the settlement. We, had many of them, here in Kempton Park, in the late 90’s. When, I still worked Uniform Branch, we attended Assault and Sexual Assault complaints, on a daily basis, at these settlements. I saw, first hand, how these charity organisations exploit the desperate and destitute. Eventually, the Kempton Municipality, closed down a lot of these settlements, but they moved elsewhere. We, still have one, posing, as a caravan park. There are many in Pretoria, Springs, Germiston, Brackpan, etc. Unfortunately, the issue of increased poverty, amongst educated, qualified, sober, middle class whites is legit and racist ANC policies are to blame. However, like you say, even with Affirmative Action and BEE, there is also, an increase, in poverty, amongst other races, as well. The ANC is doing well, though. No shortage of cake.

    Note that he doesn’t agree with me completely, but did confirm that those charity organisations are a scam.

    As for the white poverty… I don’t know, but I have a feeling that poverty in general is on the increase here, thanks to our crook of a president.
    He’s surrounded himself with yes-men, people who owe him who shouldn’t even be in their positions. He’s turned the ANC into a laughing stock who just cover up for him. I’m still hopeful that things can change though… and the ANC can wake up and get him out.


  2. Eugene says:

    To quote you : ”It could simply mean that those communities are made up of white trash who are intolerant of other people”

    How Easy you judge you intolerant idiot. I will gladly take you to one of those camps and even teach you how to use a GPS so you can find it.

    Calling people trash without your facts in place confirms your status as an idiot.

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    • Jerome says:

      It was hypothetical and facetious. The point is that they are living in communities that are for whites only, and I was raising that this is suspicious. Why are there only white people there? And why is it that there are people asking for donations to help them, without it being covered in mainstream news? Yes, maybe those people are unfortunate, and being exploited by others who are trying to make money.

      I didn’t write this to judge them. I wrote it to draw attention to the fact that the people asking for money to “help” those in “white squatter camps” are just out to make a buck.

      But they are probably white trash.


      • Ben Lantz says:

        Jerome you could end up in the same situation in a second .if you lose your job or God forbid have an accident and cannot work anymore.I am v a volunteer to help these people and i can tell you that you wont find a more committed and dedicated team like Leon and his team I see you are a atheist so i rest my case and pray for you


        • Jerome says:

          I don’t think I’d end up in a place that only accepts white people, with an agenda of pretending that there is some sort of white genocide going on.

          I don’t deny that white poverty is real, although I didn’t know that it was on the increase back when I wrote this. But why is it so important to some people to help only the white poor? There are millions of poor people in this country. My issue is with those who post white supremacist articles that give the impression that white people are being targeted; people who exploit poor whites for their political agenda.

          Also, I remember as a child, I met many people who worked for the railways or government, who didn’t really do anything, but got government subsidies and houses for free, or next to nothing. White people have lost the exclusive access to such privileges. Maybe that’s for the best.

          And let’s not pretend that it’s a good thing to say “I’ll pray for you”. Everyone knows that’s just a way of saying something “nice” while being passive aggressive. I’ll blow my nose for you.


    • Jerome says:

      There are millions of black people living in abject poverty.

      So there are a few hundred whites too. The fact is, their plight is being pushed, to social media, via suspicious sites run by white supremacists. How does it work out that they stay in communities of white people only?

      An idiot would be someone who reads about them via their articles filled with appeals to emotion, and accepts what is stated there at face value.

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  3. Eugene says:

    Judge them is exactly what you do on top of you ‘hidden’ racist views. Trash is something you throw away. White is your reference to a skin colour. Poverty knows no colour.

    An idiot would be someone who reads about their plight, do not do the necessary research and then condemn a whole group of people and the people who wants to help them. That to me again sounds like you. A quick google search is not ‘on the ground confirmation of facts’

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    • Jerome says:

      There are no white squatter camps, you stupid cunt.

      Although I initially wrote this based solely on my finding the articles about it on sites with white supremacist agendas, subsequently my info came from a cop who has been dealing with these so-called camps for some time. They are poor whites who are being exploited for the personal gain of those who would run those camps. But make no mistake, I feel no pity for any of them, either the poor whites who are happy to stay in a “whites only” camp, or those who would exploit them. They are all racists.

      There are actual shelters for people. The real shelters don’t ask for donations and appeal to pity of people via social media, playing on the feelings of white expats who would love to believe that white people are being persecuted.

      Do I have to spell it out? Sites with an obvious agenda, share articles with a narrative, that being that the situation of racism of the old apartheid era has been reversed, and now white people are being persecuted. They rely on being shared on social media, and in the case of “white squatter camps” it’s all about making money.

      How can I be racist against white people when I am white?

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      • ushiwawa says:

        The fact that you are becoming offensive says a lot about your character in general. Since I have loads of friends in South Africa I am looking into this through them now and I will be back with a reply. But you, Jerome, are one serious a-hole. 🙂


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  5. ushiwawa says:

    Just got the reply from my friends in South-Africa. There are LOADS of white squatter camps all over South Africa. >:-( You are just a clueless hate-monger. Have a good long look in the mirror. That’s where you’ll see white trash. Loser.


    • Jerome says:

      Maybe my original statement was crass,a generalization, and came across judgemental.

      However, the people in those camps are victims of right-wingers exploiting them, and my point stands that the websites sharing stuff about white squatter camps are just out to get money, which is not being used to help those poor people.

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  6. ushiwawa says:

    Maybe? Are you kidding me? And do you live in South Africa? No. So just keep it shut. Go over there and see for yourself how you are treated. There are leggit operations for helping those poor people. Of course you always have people who try to take advantage of the misery of others but to brand all the people in those camps as white trash is rather exaggerated. >:-(


  7. ushiwawa says:

    It’s not because you are a “sceptical ex addict” that you have the right to spout your nonsenses indiscriminately >:-(


    • Jerome says:

      No, but because I have the right to free speech and am well aware that white poverty is not new, I may express my free speech.

      White poverty here has always existed, and I have the right to criticize those who would take advantage of such people, and who also exploit the fears of white supremacists in order to make some money.

      Newsflash: People who ask for money to help the needy on the internet, who site dubious sources, on pages that lie about white poverty in SA, or white genocide in SA, are not asking for money to help anyone other than themselves.

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  8. Luke Baker says:

    I think the point is that the charity from the face book post screams scam. That is why I googled it. People must be careful who they support because you may be paying off someone’s bmw while you struggling to pay your off your golf 🙂

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    • Jerome says:

      True. I got carried away with the sarcasm and a little out of line referring to what I presumed to be fictional people as “white trash” with this post. But that’s what it comes down to – scammers asking for money on social media, by appealing to the pity of racists who are morally outraged when they hear about white people suffering. And it gets to me that there are people who only care for others when those others are white. That’s just wrong and I find it upsetting.

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  9. bbnewsab says:

    Hello, Jerome! Some very good points from you can be found both in your blog post and your comments. But maybe you’d be a bit more clear to separate facts from opinions (at least in your blog post). But otherwise I’d say this is a good piece of “research” you’ve done.

    I notice there are people out there who dislike your findings, conclusions and/or opinions, and as a result thereof also start belittling you as a person because they disagree with you. And that is very deplorable IMO.

    It’s well known that white supremacists seldom are fond of democratic values like free speech, equality etc. So you’re a brave man, Jerome!

    Best regards from Sweden.

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