Society leans to the right and here’s why…

It’s the stupidity.

Seriously, I saw this in a group I’m in:

That group, in which members vote on a “hill”, choosing dead if they agree and alive if they disagree, has been filled recently with mostly transphobic posts. Also racist posts of the type that deny white privilege (in other words white supremacists), and homophobic posts. Weirdly, not so much homophobia. There are a few members who like to shout out their transphobia by tagging a group called “lgb are all the letters”. In other words, they’re like TERFS except they’re gay/lesbian who hate transgender people.

Most of them are Trump supporters to boot.

Anyway, do you want to know why so many people in so many places lean to the right?
It’s because they’re fucking stupid.
Don’t believe me? Read this.

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