Apparently accepting multiple bullshit magic dudes at face value is better than accepting only one?

I soooo wanna reply to her in two days when my ban gets lifted. I’ll probably get unfriended but still…


I believe English is not her first language (she’s Polish), so “yet we the same time brush off…” is an error. She’s Jewish. It’s a slight error but I’m mentioning it just to clarify what she means.

I find this reasoning baffling. Believing in multiple people doing the impossible and defying the laws of physics and reality isn’t better than believing in just one magic dude. You might be tempted to think it’s even worse, but not me… I’d say it’s about the same. One magic man vs many magic men – same shit, different dogma.

I always find it weird when people claim their religions are better than others. It’s like saying “My magic is the real magic because my magic is real.” Except it isn’t real. It’s just that you’re indoctrinated to believe in your magic and not the other magic.

It’s all bullshit.

Edit: Hey, this meme makes the same point…

I do think she makes one point though, by accident. There is a lot more going on in the Old Testament. God speaks to Abraham, commands men to cut off part of their penises, kills some dude for pulling out rather than impregnating his dead brother’s wife, there are many prophets, god himself gets to commit genocide more than once… A lot.

In fact, the tone is so different, it seems like a different god, and once you get past the superficial bits that appear to follow on, it should be clear that this isn’t the same god at all. It’s just a bunch of people with a new religion who appropriated the culture of an old one that they stole bits from. They even went as far as retconning the purpose of Judaism to be all about Jesus. Of course the Muslims retcon Christianity in a similar manner. I find it all quite hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Apparently accepting multiple bullshit magic dudes at face value is better than accepting only one?

  1. So Jerome…from one programmer to another. I don’t believe in atheism. that’s my tenet.

    I’m primarily a C/C++ programmer. took C# but chose to remain old school, but good on you that you have that skill!

    btw…I was in Jo’burg when your Interior Minister was car-jacked at a BP station. I was at the same station not but 5 minutes prior and found it humorous that I saw the same men who were accused in the crime. love the city btw,..irrespective.

    But let me get to my response:
    I’m asking, not to argue but wondering. Lots of questions, sorry about that. My punctuation isn’t perfect, sorry about that too.

    So you don’t believe in a God because…he’s mean. ? or inconsistent? or fickle? if you don’t believe in one then what license do you command to deny he exists. if you were a true atheist you couldn’t utter the word God because you’d have to exclude it from your lexicon.
    You have heard that premise before right?
    You can’t prove what doesn’t exist if it doesn’t exist. shouldn’t it be self-evident? but yet you continue on…

    you brush off tenets of any ‘Christian arguments’ because they’re not supported by physics. and that’s okay, your choice.
    but since you’ve heralded your altruism as a ‘true atheism’. By your remarks there is no commanding power, got it. so by your supposition we’re all happenstance, according to your arguments.
    yet trillions of ‘people’ exit, or have exited, the womb with two arms, two legs, a nose…so on and so forth. With regularity.
    The planets are aligned in their orbits which don’t vary much more than 5 degrees (and I know you’ll suggest pluto even though it’s not considered a planet anymore). with regularity. Other solar system exhibit the same regularity. So all Solar Equators are the same by happenstance? All people are born with the same genetic code by happenstance? It’s called Chaos theory right?

    however, You in retrospect and circumspect, have no challenge to their thoughts. Yet you use your own non-sequitur to dismiss,by suggesting there isn’t any physics applicable to their remarks; but you provide none either. Fair enough it’s your blog.

    But is this because their faith isn’t based in Physics? Since when does a religion require a study in Physics?

    which Physics class did you take in college or prep school or high school? At this school you likely were told about regularity in the Universe.

    What evidence do you have that a Jewish God doesn’t exist? And why does that matter to you if CS Lewis had no recourse, in thought, to find a disbelief in God? BTW…I think Mr Lewis was sharing his thoughts, not his belief. he wasnt trying to proselytize. I’ve found his writings to be very accessible and unassuming. how about you? what books of his have you read?

    What Philosophy class did you attend that provided lack of evidence of a God?

    just questions. Since you chose to assail these folks. I’m simply asking. It is about you or so you’re inviting that? or not.

    also, did this person above, write something on your blog or you just took offense to her in general? did you reply to her remark on FB/Twitter or only here?

    you continue to assail powers and principalities…why? did your prayers go unanswered? or it’s just old fashioned?
    did you pray for healing from abuse? and it went unanswered? did it?
    But that aside. I do applaud your command of ridding your life of drug-abuse/addiction. though at this point you might not care about my opinion. Again I’m not trying to start a fight. just questions.

    So never during your addiction did you reach out to a prior power and ask that the addiction be removed?

    Jerome, I wondered all these same things you espouse on your blog. I appreciate that you even have this forum. I do not so good on you.
    Hold thumbs that there isn’t a God for if there isn’t, you go back to the gasp of air from whence you came and there is no meaning to life.
    If there is a God…well…in your current condition good luck with that. (very Tertullian-esque)

    For Me:
    I held up the light of atheism to my belief. I found I believe in the God of Israel/Jacob.
    I’m only curious why this girl’s belief or unbelief matters to someone who doesn’t believe in such. Then to assail her in a forum of which she knows nothing about. isn’t that like an Assassination?

    too many questions. sorry about that.
    I’m asking, not to argue but wondering. I find it fascinating to speak with someone who had some same questions I used to have. but don’t any longer. simple questions. not trying to proselytize.


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  2. probably for the best. I’m a bit of a hot head. It’s one of the multitude that I’m seeking to make better for myself.


  3. Mr. Jerome it is your blog so my intent to to be respectful. so any spiteful words aren’t meant to offend. cheers.


  4. Jerome, just wanted to say for a last message. I am raising you up in my prayers that your steps are ordered. I respect your ‘right’ (can’t think of a better word) to rely on your own devices for life, (i.e., to be an atheist). I will support it if I were ever asked or challenged. doesn’t mean I agree to it, nor yours to my choice. That’s part of the beauty of self-choice.
    I don’t deny the Jehovah (Anglicized) is a jealous God and in it’s own way has engaged in the modern characterization of genocide. It’s in the Bible I read. To deny that you don’t have valid points about the past of the Jewish history. I applaud you that you know these things. I can’t say I understand the precepts of atheism. I wrote about hedonism and atheism in Philosophy in college. I can’t say I ever understood it.
    Perhaps I was ‘indoctrinated’ at a young impressionable age.
    I can’t share or relate the experiences I’ve had with powers and principalities during my life. That’s why I believe, because indeed many of my prayers were/have been answered. Did I speak them into existence? if so, then there is a principality I can’t explain. Did I convince myself that I should receive things or influence or insights, of which I had no business receiving and cast those projections into my conscience and was more keen to them?
    Jerome, that doesn’t explain how my marriage was healed 8 days (8 DAYS) before the Dissolution of Marriage was to be signed where there was a Restraining Order in place. It doesn’t explain the presence that sat on my head with such a weight that I couldn’t rise from the floor during the said separation. yes, maybe it’s all fantasy in others opinion. perhaps.
    Or a visitation from an angelic figure during a prayer asking for release from a particular condition.
    I don’t see what you see. I haven’t experienced addiction to Meth or having healed myself from it. Good on you Jerome. Even though I also am a IT Professional of 35 years (basically C/C++ most of those years). I can’t find time nor the wisdom nor knowledge to build a Blog. I’m quite impressed with both those things.
    I’m glad you felt engaged enough that you allow me the moment to interrupt your day and perhaps anger or upset you. Sorry for that if that occurred.
    If as a degreed Engineer with minors in two other disciplines and also a collegiate athlete/coach, I am still a simple minded, uneducated dolt, in your opinion, Sorry I don’t believe that either.
    But my note isn’t about me. I wonder about your bent towards making fun of Christians, granted it’s your blog, when their not given a venue or opportunity to respond.
    Please feel free to denigrate or dismiss my Rooinek beliefs. I invited it.
    I appreciate the ability you’ve provided to expose myself as a idiot. I revel in my ID 10 T behaviors. I don’t feel taken advantage of, nor mystified by prophets of blathersgate.
    Take care and be safe. Hold thumbs mate.

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    1. Hehe. I did write a post in reply to your “just asking questions” comment but I think it needs to be cleaned up a bit. Also it isn’t very polite and the tone feels wrong, so I don’t know if I will publish it or not. I need to revisit it but the weekend is over and it’s off to work again tomorrow.


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