8 ways to cleanse your lungs?

I’ve had this page open in a tab since someone sent me a link when I quit smoking more than two months ago. I still haven’t read it. I’m not going to.

Read it if you like, but it occurred to me that you don’t need to cleanse your lungs. Just breathe. Just fucking breathe. Inhale and exhale. But wait… you do that anyway if you’re not dead. So yah… don’t bother with cleansing your lungs. They’re not fucking dishes.

I wonder why the web is so full of woo? Isn’t it obvious that lung cleansing exercises are unnecessary? It should be. But we have become so accustomed to being consumers, even of information, we think there must be a fix for everything. You don’t need to detox your lungs or your colon or your vagina or whatever nonsense the snake oil salesmen/saleswomen want to sell you. Just use some common sense.

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