Cognitive dissonance is amusing

Firstly I must apologize… I don’t get time to write here much any more. But as I install a new laptop, I might as well write a little while I wait for the downloads to complete…

We have this application at work that someone else has been working on, an app to batch process a bunch of identification verifications for a third party. That is, given the ID number of thousands of people, determine whether they are valid identities, their marital status, deceased status, and so on. The people involved were having a discussion about optimizing it to first remove the ones we already have data on showing they are deceased. No need to reverify someone you already know is dead, I guess…

Of course, since it was just before the Easter weekend and all these people are Christian, I couldn’t help myself… So I was like… “How come you only have an alive and deceased status? What about resurrected? I mean, you all believe that resurrection is possible, right?”

They didn’t like my joke. Silly people.

But its a good point. You know that dead people don’t come back to life. But you also believe that one person did. That doesn’t make sense. It would be too easy for me to claim that deep down Christians know this shit doesn’t happen, and deep down they don’t believe… But that’s not how it works. That would be the same as my brother claiming that deep down I’m still a Roman Catholic. It would be projection. It’s easy to fall into that trap, to project our own beliefs onto others.

But real beliefs are more complicated. in reality, religious people can simultaneously know that resurrection is impossible, but also believe in the resurrection of Jesus. It’s stupid. And as long as you clowns believe in bullshit like that, this clown will mock you for it.

Happy Easter. Jesus didn’t resurrect because shit like that doesn’t happen. But I do believe in chocolate so I thank him for dying so that I may eat lots of chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance is amusing

    1. Furthermore,

      Effects also exacerbated by autistic obsession.. interested particularly in how you may reframe this from the lens of “often from my viewpoint as an atheist” as one myself. Although I find the tale of Terry Davis intriguing, I wonder if it was precipitated by something of the sort. -Speedbird

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    2. Wow. I’ll have to think about that one…

      I don’t think I would be able to measure it… a developer I worked with back in 2006 once remarked, when he knew about my usage, that sometimes I was a genius, and other times an idiot.

      The thing is, maybe if you could take small, controlled doses of meth, it might improve your work. Maybe.

      But that’s not what addicts do. My usage was not regulated or controlled. My intake was limited by my and my girlfriend’s urges to get high and have lots of crazy sex, and by our capacity to spend all of my money on drugs and/or get more on credit.

      That is never good for one’s work. It leads to several days awake, including some where your performance might be improved, followed by some where you are are extremely delayed, and then a crash. Or when I did maintain better by myself, I’d sleep a little every day but still be delayed.

      I think overall my performance was less than optimal, although I got away with it more when I maintained my addiction by myself.

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      1. Interesting. That is true that my work is definitely staggered. Definitely is a comorbid sex/amp addiction string in me too. Nothing in the world comes even close to it, by a far far margin. Kinda scary how much better it and life is in general. I guess we weren’t wired to have it so good, for so long. The curve of happiness has definitely been deflated though. I think it makes baseline happiness/responses to anything much more disproportionate when you’ve had that high.

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