People are stupid–volume 667. Reverse image search is your friend.

Normally I’d post this kind of meme analysis on Facebook… I have a much wider audience there and that’s where this came from, but what with my current 30 day ban, I can’t do that. If I remember, I’ll link to this post on there when I’m paroled from Facebook jail.

People are sharing this bullshit credulously:


Make no mistake, UK prime minister Boris Johnson is a twat, but that’s not Ghislaine Maxwell. The innuendo here is baseless. That’s his ex wife. No need for further analysis. Think before you share shit credulously.

Also just by the way… You Q-Anon folks are idiots.

Edit: The text around the original share is even worse. It’s this shit, and this is why I do not hesitate to call anyone passing it on credulously an idiot. I don’t know if it will stay up, but the original post is here.

Ghislaine Maxwell , daughter of Robert Maxwell a Mossad Agent, eventually became the partner of Jeffrey Epstein. Both walk on water in the upper stratosphere of Elite Social Circles using Jeffrey’s private island as lure for getaway. I suppose everybody that’s anybody earns an invite to travel by Lolitta Express to a carefully planned layout which featured an Egyptian style Temple at it’s apex, the hilltop. The religion is Satanism. The currrency is children. Leaked video from camera’s set on numerous levels underneath the Temple make certain the Island’s decor was more than simply a favorite motif. Pedophilia & flesh & blood sacrifice of innocence, seem a rite of passage to insider world power, and a means of control simultaneously. ….. A bit of trivia – – – Question: ‘Who else owns a private island a few miles away from Epstein’s Island’ ???? … Answer : Joe Biden

Mind you, ‘idiot’ is a somewhat generous label here.

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