Facebook scammers–they’re not the sharpest crayons in the shed

They’re also not the brightest tools in the box.

Hey, at least I can still have some fun in messenger while on a 30 day Facebook ban, huh? Seriously though, I’ve always been told that scammers deliberately target stupid people… but I’m not so sure. I’m convinced that the scammers themselves aren’t the smartest. So it’s a case of idiots scamming other idiots. If these guys get you into sending them money, you probably deserve to be scammed. Case in point, this fool was very obviously using a stolen Facebook profile of a dead guy, and it was easy to spot.

Here’s how the conversation went before “she” blocked me…







Maybe one day I’ll stick around for the whole conversation, until the point when they ask me for money… This one didn’t even get to ask me where I’m from, to which the usual answer is, “I come from a far away planet called Krypton”. But I did get to have some fun with them.

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