A link to an article about online trolls

Today is my son Josh’s13th birthday. We’re going to go out shorty, but before that I thought I’d share this excellent article I just read.

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It’s a slighly older article from 2019, but still very much appropriate. And it applies not only to political arguments, but also those dreadful atheist vs theist debate groups. Consider the following example, which we get frequently in some of these groups by some of the most obnoxious, arrogant creationists…

Debate Demanders

Speaking of debate, the Logic DESTROYER’s kin still live in a world where failure to accept a gentlemanly duel challenge besmirches one’s honor and counts as a forfeit. Whether harassing popular politicians or just clogging up your menchies, the “debate me” dudes believe your opinions or beliefs are only valid if you are willing to carve time out of your day to defend it to some prick on the internet. And if you refuse them their moment of glory, they howl about how you’ve infringed upon their right to free speech.

(Links above copied also from original article.)

Those guys happen to be frequenters of atheist vs theist debate groups too, and they can be incredibly annoying. Trust me, having some overly aggressive twat demand your time over and over again and ignoring your lack of interest is fucking annoying, especially when you know whey don’t have anything intelligent to say anyway. If you can’t make an argument publicly, why should anyone give up their personal time just for you to get into their inbox? Do check out the article. There are many more, and all are relatable.

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