The problem with Middle Eastern countries is not Islam, it’s zero separation of church and state

Secularism is the key to a mature and successful democracy. Well, lately I hear that socialism would be better, but let’s keep it simple…

If you look at countries where people are guaranteed basic human rights, where people of colour and of the LGBTQ community are treated fairly and not persecuted, what you find is secular countries, countries with a division between church and state via a secular constitution. No countries are perfect, but one can observe that this is true.

So the reason that Middle Eastern countries are places where people suffer, where women and gay/transgender people are treated badly, is not “Sharia Law”. It’s that those who hold power are religious leaders. Islam happens to be the religion there, but Christianity would be just as bad, if not worse. And it used to be that way centuries ago. If you actually read their holy books, the Bible when you stop cherry picking the good bits, is just as bad, if not worse than the Quran.

That’s why it gets to me when I read people carrying on about Sharia Law and immigrants, people who assume that every Muslim is a terrorist. That part of it is a clear fallacy of composition… A terrorist is Muslim; therefore all Muslims are terrorists. (Bullshit!) Of course it’s more than just that – you have to cherry pick and ignore all the acts of terror and murder committed by people who aren’t Muslim.

It’s not just Christians who think this way. I spend a lot of time in atheist groups on Facebook, and have noticed this blind hatred for Muslims has spread everywhere.

One has only to look at the US to see that I am right. Donald Trump and his minions with their Make America Great White & Christian Again… The longer they are in power, the more harm they do. While they’re unlikely to destroy a mature democracy, they sure are doing a bang-up job of fucking it up. Christians are calling for women to have no rights over their own bodies, with the euphemistic name of “pro life”. LGBTQ people have rights there, but not for long if the evangelical Christians have their way. And so many of those Christians make hateful statements about their former president just because of the colour of his skin. Even Trump, buffoon that he is, believes in the conspiracy that Obama is Muslim and not American. The Donald is a fucking joke. But a joke with power. A joke that stopped being funny a year ago.

Anyway, my point is this: Imagine a US with its secular constitution dissolved… Imagine America with a Christian government, ruling with Christian law. What you have then is even worse than Middle Eastern countries. Islam is not the enemy. Lack of secularism is. And if Donald Trump carries on doing his thing for much longer, that means the US is the enemy of the whole world.

3 thoughts on “The problem with Middle Eastern countries is not Islam, it’s zero separation of church and state

  1. “Imagine America with a Christian government” – well, that’s pretty damn easy to do. No imagination needed – just listen for one second.
    Obama was just a continuation of this.
    And it’s not just America – this is a worldwide rule of anti-humanists.
    Sorry to be buzzkill. The famine and genocide in Yemen makes for a bad backdrop for this.

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    1. But it would be so much worse if the governments apply some kind of “Christian law” like the Islamic law. That’s what I’m saying. It isn’t the specific religion that’s a problem as much as it is the lack of secularism.

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