The trendy fear mongering about COVID is so unnecessary

Last Friday, after going to the doctor, while I got my meds at the local Dischem pharmacy, I noted the visible fear in some of the people there. Paranoia that there may be people around them with COVID. It’s slightly ironic thinking of this now, because little did I know, I was one of the infected.

I went to the doc for two reasons…

  1. My six months were up so I needed a new prescription for my hypertension and anti-depression medication.
  2. I had a slight cold. Bit of a weird one… headache and my legs were lame, snotty throat completely masked by my usual Sinutab sinus, Linctagon C, Corenza C, And ACC 200 cocktail.

So the checkup was for my meds, something I had to do at some point, and the other reason was a doctor’s note to stay off work. He did mention I could go for a covid test if I still didn’t feel OK by Monday. Then, on Sunday my son felt ill. I’d mentioned to HR at work that I might go for a covid test on Monday, but then I almost went… Josh asked me to stay with him, and after I messaged work to say I would not be in, HR suggested I get a test as recommended by my doctor. So I reluctantly went for a test, thinking I’d test negative. But I’m positive.

I’m fine, by the way. Very slightly light-headed and still a bit of a snotty throat but that’s because I’ve stopped taking the cold meds. I may take more tonight but was concerned about taking too much.

My point is… I’m vaccinated. I didn’t get it badly. No shortness of breath. No fever. No loss of taste. My son lost his sense of taste before he showed symptoms, and had a headache for two whole days, then painful ear ache that kept him from sleeping for a whole night, but by now he’s fine too. No idea if the vaccine protected me or how much, but I’m going to repeat what I’ve written before: Trust in science. Vaccines work. Although I do still have mild symptoms, this was barely a cold for me but I get to miss out on the year end function at work and that makes it worthwhile.

Seriously, being afraid like the people I saw at Dischem is so unnecessary. Panic doesn’t help anybody. At this point, let’s treat covid like it is inevitable. Rather get it vaccinated than unvaccinated because from what I’ve heard, all serious hospital cases are the unvaccinated.

Now where are all my anti-vax buddies? Party at my place tonight and you get to leave me in your wills.

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