Please don’t add me to atheist vs theist debate groups

At one stage, I was into those debates. I’m not any more. So if you are my Facebook friend and you’re thinking of adding me to one of those groups, please do not.

Yesterday I left two of the worst of them, with a parting comment that I captured, along with the status, to show how pointless it is. And yes, I have deliberately not blurred names in the hope that it might break the rules, because I really don’t want to be added back there. I’m not using the Facebook feature that prevents me being added back there because I’d like to believe that I can trust people to respect my wishes.



Maybe I was naïve when I started debating there, thinking that I’d take part in intelligent discussions with people whose views differ from mine… But there is no debate with these people. Most of the statuses are like the ones I’ve shown or are pure proselytization. The actual arguments are few and far between, and even those are just the same old circular reasoning, arguments from ignorance, clockmaker fallacy, arguments from personal incredulity, and so on.

I’ve spent enough time seeing examples of the same bad arguments and logical fallacies. No more. I’m not going to leave all of the groups, and I did make some atheist friends there a few years ago, but the last few years my friends have come mostly from atheist and support groups. I have moved on from the debating mindset and encourage others to do the same. There are much better things to do than arguing with people on the internet. If debates were about intelligent discourse where we could learn from one another, it would be another matter. But that’s not how it works.

Edit… Worth adding is that this debating thing causes unnecessary conflict anyway. The Christians and Muslims I’ve met in these groups are nothing like the religious people I know in real life. They’re stubborn, stupid, and frustrating to deal with. It creates this unnecessary us vs them mindset that really does no good to anyone.

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