“Virtue signalling”? The mating call of the incel who then wonders why it goes unanswered…

This is one of those posts I’d have shared immediately on Facebook. I can’t since I’m on a ban so it has to go here…


Seriously, I haven’t seen a written statement where someone seriously used “virtue signalling” as a pejorative, where that person wasn’t a twat. Or an incel.

Is your masculinity so fragile that you feel threatened by images of female super heroes? What the fuck, dude?

For those who don’t know, “incel” is a term used by certain men who self identify with that label, standing for “involuntarily celibate”, usually in the context of misogynistic drivel aimed at women, especially feminists. They hate women, yet feel entitled to sex, and have the audacity to call themselves involuntarily celibate. Because presumably those dastardly women deny them the sex that they are “owed”.


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