We had a good day yesterday.

Yesterday was a public holiday here. As usual, I didn’t know what day it was… I think maybe Human Rights day. And although I wanted to write something about it, I am stuck on being quite unable to come up with a title. Not sure why that is…

The day started off with me playing Diablo 3, and now my characters are up to Paragon Level 508. I was disappointed when my Monk character died for the first time… while playing a greater rift that was only level 20. It sucks as I was hoping to have one character that has never died, but that’s not meant to be… I have a demon hunter that can play level 37 greater rifts, and a mage that can play level 30, but the demon hunter has gotten frustrating to play. She does too little damage but her armor is ridiculously high. (Around 266 million while using her main Vengeance skill, which she uses constantly.) So playing her is a slog and higher level rifts have a time limit that gets difficult to make if you don’t do enough damage. My mage does millions of damage but can’t play those high levels because he can be wiped out at any time. Enough about that…

After that, my son and I spent most of the day at Johannesburg zoo. It’s a lot of walking, but he had a good time and took plenty of photos of the animals. I’m writing little about it, but that was most of the day.

Then, I went to check if Justice league and Thor: Ragnarok are out on Blu-Ray. (They are.) So even though I already watched Justice league twice, we watched both of those, starting with Thor.

I have to admit, I was sorely disappointed with the third Thor movie. I knew it had good reviews, so I was expecting a good movie. Instead, we got a slapstick comedy with mostly bad dialog and some terrible dialog. The movie is campy. And if anyone doesn’t know what I mean (someone always doesn’t), I mean the comedy is overdone to the point of it mocking itself. Possibly not intentionally. Kind of like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which bore me to a deathlike slumber… But I did watch to the end because Josh asked me to. (I’ve never watched to the end of any of the Snorefest of the Caribbean movies.)

But anyway, it was a good day. We were in especially good spirits and didn’t let anything get us down… There were a few things that might ordinarily have left me angry, and they are worth mentioning… While we stood in the queue at the zoo for nearly an hour, a stupid girl near the front of one of the queues (not my queue fortunately) lit a cigarette and proceeded to smoke right there in the crowd. There are no signs indicating you can’t smoke, but still, that’s just not something you do. It hasn’t been for many years. Then, the woman in front of us was on the phone to friends the whole time we waited, and just before we got to the front of the queue, her friends joined her in the line. With their ten children. (I saw the tickets. It was ten.) So two adults and ten children pushed in front of us right before we could pay. They were not with the woman they spoke to on the phone; she and her family didn’t wait for them and they paid separately, so they should not have been allowed to push in. I didn’t speak up, because they were black and I’m white, and I could see they might make it about race. I almost commented though, because I saw them argue and try to get a ticket for one of the children for free. I almost sarcastically said that the type of people who push in would typically be the same type who try to con their way into getting free tickets. Anyway, it was good to find myself not getting angry and enjoying the day despite a few annoying things along the way.