Panic in their eyes, rise… Dead on Adrenochrome!

Stupid meme via Facebook page Shit Creationists Say.


I’m not going to analyse the meme. Seems andrenochrome has some meaning in conspiracy theory culture, and that’s enough for me to stop wondering what the fuck they’re thinking. “Satan bad; Jeebuzz good” is the gist of it, apparently.

Actually this reminds me of a great song, by Andrew Eldritch whose band is named the Sisters of Mercy. I’ve said it before, and I still maintain, if I had to choose between meth and whatever insanity this religious belief is, despite all the shit that happened to me in my years of addiction, I’d take the meth. It’s the lessor evil and amazingly the less batshit crazy addiction of the two. (Not that I have to make such a choice, obviously. It’s a deliberate false dichotomy for humour, and apparently I need to write this for that one twat who likes to use my writing against me.)

We’ll turn away in a passive decision
We’ll take the steps through the unmarked door
A look back for another collision
But the boys of the spires
Are boys no more

Not black and red boys
Frightened by the night
By the catholic monochrome
The catholic girls now
Stark in their dark and white
Dread in monochrome
The sisters of mercy
High tide
Wide eyed
Sped on adrenochrome
For the sisters of mercy
Filled with
Panic in their eyes
Dead on adrenochrome

We had the power
We had the space
We had a sense of time and place
We knew the words
We knew the score
We knew what we were fighting for
For the freedom
The time to choose
But time to think
Is time to lose
The signals clash
And disappear
The shade too loud
And the sound unclear
For the

High tide
Wide eyed
Dread in monochrome
Denied in spite
Disliked in monochrome
Panic in their eyes
Dead and monochrome
The sisters of mercy
On adrenochrome

The way is clear
The road is closed
The damage done
And the course
Imposed you

What in the fuck is this?

So I have 27 days remaining of my Facebook ban. Normally I would respond to this, which I just saw on a Facebook group, but now I can’t. Maybe it’s for the best? I mean, if you are so incredibly stupid that you find this convincing, there is no argument worth making. Jesus Fucking Christ, I can’t even. I’m not supposed to use the R word anymore so I’m at a loss here.