Atheists who believe in ghosts? Another idiotic argument from someone who misses the point.

This idiot again:


I’m still waiting for the kitchen floor to dry, and I saw this nonsense.

Atheists can believe in ghosts. If they really want to. I don’t, and I don’t know any atheists who do believe in ghosts. But whatever, the point is that atheism is the disbelief in god claims, because… you know? That’s what atheism is.

Most atheists, like me, probably don’t believe in ghosts, goblins, fairies, zombies, vampires, or religious apologists who aren’t complete nincompoops.

Reminder: The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim

This guy again:


Again, I don’t need to read his claim (that claims it isn’t a claim) beyond preview, so neither do you.

Theists who happen to be religious apologists always come up with creative ways to explain why they attempt to shift the burden of proof, but they always do it.

His argument seems to be something along the lines of “I am not making a claim or asserting one. I believe one”. He then repeats the claim. Later in a comment he calls himself an “atheism critic”.

Obviously repeating a claim is a way of making a claim. And criticizing someone who rejects the claim is… What? I’ll leave that to you. Yeah, I’m not bothering to write a proper refutation here because his argument is beyond stupid. Even if I weren’t on a Facebook ban, any response I made to this would only be sarcasm and mockery. No point in debating this brain-dead apologist.

Anyway, this post is to illustrate once again why debating these people can be frustrating. Heck, even reading the debates when one is banned from responding is frustrating.