Let’s have a look at some search strings…

Something different for a change. Every so often, I look at the search strings that brought readers here. Sometimes they’re amusing, but mostly they’re strings that resulted in hits from Google’s search engine matching previous posts. They can be interesting at times, and I could probably tailor my writing towards the type of searches that already got here. To be honest, though, I’d much rather write about atheism… this recovery stuff doesn’t really interest me anymore.

what can be done to stop voices in head during meth detox

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. For me, the voices stopped by themselves after two or three days clean. It was scary at first, being clean and still hearing the voices, but then at some point they vanished. I didn’t even notice when really; just that they were gone. It’s hard to explain but… the voices didn’t exactly fade but I forgot about them, then suddenly realized that they were already gone. Possibly their significance becomes less important when the meth wears off completely. When you’re still under the influence and paranoid or coming down, they seem very real and important. They are just hallucinations, after all, and it is unclear to me whether the hallucinations are due to the presence of the dug itself, or due to damage done to the brain by the drug. But whatever they are, it was always the same for me… just a couple of days and they disappear.

I went through that several times myself. (Actually not several. Many times.) Back when I still used, my son was in foster care and I had to pass a drug test before being allowed to see him. That would involve abstaining from meth for about six days to test negative in a drug urine test. And every time I did it, I’d detox, struggle to stay awake for the first three or four days, and the voices would vanish. By the time I visited him, I’d be fine, but craving, then right after seeing him I’d buy meth on the way home. Then kick myself, wondering why I just couldn’t seem to stop but seemed doomed to go through detox over and over, only to use again and repeat the cycle. In the end, it was just a mindset – all I had to do was stop and stay stopped, which paved the way for getting my son back. (And I did get him back on 15th December 2015. That will be four years next month.)

I’m hoping that whoever wrote the question has since had the same experience as myself (not as many times hopefully though), and that the voices are already gone. If not, if the voices don’t vanish, I am not qualified to advise you. I have read comments by others for whom the voices did not vanish. Maybe I was lucky.

my boyfriend on meth is in love with someone else

That’s a tough break. Dump him.

Meth doesn’t make you love someone else, but it does make you horny. Being horny, you might be tempted to get promiscuous, and sleep with someone other than your partner. And if you do that, you might fall in live. So it’s not the meth, it’s the fact that this person was unfaithful. Sometimes when you’re unfaithful, you get feelings for another person. It happens, but it’s a consequence of betrayal, not directly the drug. Not everybody who uses meth fucks around (I didn’t), and not everybody who fucks around catches feelings, but it’s always a risk, and one that should be obvious to anybody in a relationship with somebody on meth.

The fact is, when you are in a romantic relationship, there will always be temptations. You’re supposed to make an effort not to break the trust of your partner. Meth (and some other drugs too) just makes you more horny than usual, which can increase the probability of cheating. There’s always the risk of that happening, even without drugs. But once the trust is broken, it’s probably a bad idea to give a person who cheated another chance, especially if they’re still using meth. This is why I recommend dumping the person.

porn stars turned christian

So what?

It might come as a surprise, but porn stars are just really successful prostitutes, and like most prostitutes, they didn’t necessarily get into it because they love sex. They could be being exploited (by pimps or by the industry in general), and are likely addicts. They don’t smile all the time during those scenes because they’re happy – it’s because they’re high.

So like other addicts, some of them will find a way out. And getting out of a lifestyle of addiction leads to desperation. Just like addicts in general turn to religion, porn stars can too. It really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Christianity is one of the big religions and so sometimes people get sucked into it.

I’d be willing to bet (and this is all just speculation) that most addict porn stars who get into recovery get into the 12 step cult approach, and a large percentage of those end up cross-addicting to Christianity. (This is an educated guess. I met several women who got into prostitution back when I was a meth addict hanging out with other meth addicts, and then I met even more former prostitutes in rehab. Even the group counselor at the rehab I attended was a former prostitute. People who are desperate for money for their drugs sometimes have no options left, and prostitution/porn is always an option when you have no other way. If you’re young and pretty, it can be a lucrative option.)










A disturbing search string

Somebody got here by searching for “would meth get kids as horny like it does adults”.

Firstly, that kind of moronic grammar really gets to me… “As horny like“? Really? Secondly, you should go to your local police station and ask there. Seriously, paedophiles deserve to be killed. So do rapists.

The last week or two, I’ve seen men (and even some women) defending rapists and rape culture. I’ve also seen numerous examples of prominent people blaming victims. It’s all over social media and it makes me sick.

I didn’t intend writing this. It’s just a response to all the shit I see all the time. For the record, a woman can walk down the street buck naked at 3AM, and she still doesn’t deserve to be raped. It’s never the victim’s fault.

How to smoke meth with Satan (a search string) and other unrelated stuff

Please excuse my hopping around from subject to subject. I feel almost bad about it… and at the end of last week I realized that most of the blogs I follow seem to have a clear pattern with regard to subject matter. On here, I write about my recovery (a word I loathe because I don’t consider myself in recovery – I’m a former addict, fuckers), skepticism, atheism, maybe a bit of humanism, feminism (recently), a series or movie review occasionally, satire (once so far), and whatever else is on my mind at the time. There are plenty of things I never get around to writing because I just don’t have the time any more. So… apologies for that. It’s just the way I am… probably one of the laziest people you could ever meet, but with a mind that just won’t shut up. I have all these ideas flying around my head, begging to be written down. And this is where I write them.

Moving on, somebody reached this blog via this bizarre search string…

how to smoke meth with Satan

Seriously. Somebody typed that into Google and then got here. The mind boggles.

First of all, Satan isn’t real. Belief in Satan is even dodgier than belief in god, and isn’t based so much on the Bible, but rather on the Middle Ages demonizing of pagan gods and on modern entertainment culture.

Having written that, I’d love to write a wikiHow style article on how to use meth with Satan, complete with pictures of cheerful teenagers and a red skinned, horned guy passing a meth pipe around, but I just don’t have the time. Anyway…

I can think of three ways you can achieve your goal, but since it will be really hard to find somebody already named Satan, and naming your male child Satan and waiting until he can grow up to use meth with you will take far too long, here are the three steps that can work for you:

  1. Find a meth addict who is willing to legally change his name to Satan.
  2. Have him legally change his name.
  3. Use meth with him.

Yet another search string, a less crazy one to get here, was this:

obsessed with my phone while using meth

It’s normal. And thanks to this reasonable search, I can’t tag this post with “stupid search strings” as I usually would. This one makes sense.

When you first use meth, you probably jump from one task to another to another, starting many but completing none. But when you get more accustomed to the meth high and build up tolerance, you tend to obsess or tweak on one thing. You may do so relentlessly and compulsively, and then kick yourself after you eventually snap out of it. Be glad you picked your phone as the object to tweak on.

My girlfriend used to tell me not to “zone on the phone”. We never used the word “tweak” for this, and it was a word related to meth that I only learned online after I stopped using meth. I think it’s an American thing. I don’t think it’s even a great word in this context, and “zone” works better… as in being “in the zone” because meth puts you into a zone, literally. The twilight zone. But I use that word because most people seem to get the drift.

Ironically, despite your self consciousness and paranoia, people won’t notice that you are spending too much time on the phone. They will notice your self consciousness and paranoia. It’s become normal to zone on the phone, but what isn’t normal is seeing somebody who constantly looks up from the screen, peering around nervously and moving around so much because he or she is obviously high.