Why kick someone when they’re down?

I just stumbled upon a truly horrifying interview of Lindsay Lohan by David Letterman in 2013. He’s receiving backlash for it now… finally. Better late than never I guess. In the interview, he asks her a series of inappropriate questions about addiction and rehab. What a cunt!

Kudos to her for being so composed throughout. She did a good job considering that this was before she went to rehab. This hits particularly close to home for me because 2013 is the year that I finally managed to beat my methamphetamine addiction, by quitting and staying clean. I tend to think of my seven years plus of sobriety as a long time, and then when I see something like this, I’m reminded that it isn’t really that long. I hope Ms Lohan managed to get sobriety right that time, and if she didn’t, I wish her the best of luck and that she still does. I don’t really follow the tabloids and I am not curious enough to search for more info right now.

I’m open about my past. Heck, I was even open and honest enough that if anyone asked, I’d tell them that I struggled with methamphetamine at the time. But that’s unusual. Most people who struggle with addiction won’t tell you the grisly details, and they don’t have to. So when someone is struggling, don’t ask those kinds of questions unless you are willing to help them in some way. Don’t kick someone who’s down. I mean, why the fuck would you even?

Addiction is a problem that isn’t yet fully understood. It’s tough. It’s bad enough that we struggle with it, even worse than treatment is not evidence based. Some of us struggle for years and most of us probably won’t ever recover. So why ambush somebody struggling with it in a public interview? Laughs? I don’t get it.