And just like that I have three more cats

I knew it was coming for sure yesterday. Little Zoe looked like she was ready to explode. Shame, she’s only just over a year old herself so she isn’t fully grown yet. At least it wasn’t a large litter and she seems to be doing fine. She didn’t leave them until this morning when I fed her, and then she went straight back to nurse them.

The three kittens were born at 5:12PM yesterday. I know this because I was assisting somebody at work and I have a, “Ah, shit. My cat is having her kittens right now” message smack in the middle of it.

Their eyes aren’t open yet and they look more like white rats at the moment, but I’ll upload better photos after they grow a little bit. It is now 7:30Am and I just took these photos – this post is scheduled for 12:00 today. Not sure how long it takes for them to look more like kittens.

I live in a small flat and already gave two cats, but I might just keep one of them. You can’t see it in the photos but the first born looks pure white and the other two have some black or grey spots… I have a sad story I’ve been wanting to write but putting off about a pure white kitten that was the only survivor of a litter from my bad old days of meth addiction. I never quite have the courage to write it because it still hurts to remember; though what happened to those kittens was not my fault. And that cat was run over about a year later. I’d like to keep the pure white one to remember Kittles from those years ago. (Megan named him. Not me. I’d never name a cat Kittles.)



I do love cats.