Walk the Talk 2017

Yesterday I participated in the 2017 Walk the Talk 8km walk, with a team from SASS. (South African Secular Society)

Here are some photos…


Me before the walk. (Above.)


Me after the walk. (Above.) Don’t be fooled by the smile… When I got home, I slept for the whole afternoon.

And lastly, here’s one of the team… It was a bigger team than last year, and unlike last year when I unfortunately went to gym (for the very first time) the day before and struggled with the walk, this one was enjoyable and relaxing, except for a couple of places where there were bottlenecks and I felt claustrophobic walking in the large crowd.



There’s one more photo I’d like to get, but it’s on the phone of that guy to my right, and I’ll ask him for it as soon as he accepts my Facebook friend request.

Edit… eventually got it.



I’m finally getting some exercise

I posted these to Facebook, so I might as well post them here too…

Yesterday, I participated in the 2016 Radio 702 Walk the Talk, completing the 8km walk with a small team representing SASS. (South African Secular Society)

I didn’t remember 8k’s being so far! What makes it worse is, I also did my first workout at a gym in about 20 years, on Saturday, and after wearing specs for about 10 years, I am now wearing my new contact lenses… So I am staring at a keyboard that looks larger than usual (wearing contacts and reading glasses) as I stretch out in pain (it hurts when I move my arms) to type this. Anyway, here are a couple of photos, of me finally getting off my arse and doing something…