This page was originally published on my old blog on 30 August 2010. The old blog redirects here, but the pages do not. I’m adding this here because a reader asked for it. Please note that these terms are not complete. Also, it was posted tongue-in-cheek.

Also, the page was linked to by another site hosted in a different country. So much for my expectation that the blog would not be widely read! It was frequently accessed by most countries… Maybe because of its generic name? This one has not been so widely read. Not yet.

I referred to myself as a tik monster in a post. (Bad link removed. “A post” was a link on the old blog.) Just for interest sake, I Googled the term, and found a very different urban dictionary definition of the term than my intended usage, hence the need for this page, a glossary of the terms I use. I suppose there are very different terms used in other countries as well, not that I expect a wide international readership. I write this from the point of view, of course, of a South African recovering methamphetamine addict. I’ll also update this page when/if I use other terms that are not covered here.

  • Getik: High on crystal meth. (In Afrikaans, the prefix “ge” normally indicates past tense.) Often stated as dik getik.
  • Lolly: This is a glass pipe used for smoking crystal meth. It has a stem (generally about 10cm in length) and a round ball on the end, with a small hole (you hold the lolly so that the hole is at the top) through which you can throw in crystals, and air can enter while you smoke.
  • Meth: An abbreviation for crystal meth.
  • Poes: Afrikaans slang for vagina. This is more like a South African equivalent of cunt, only less polite. It has different meanings under different contexts, for example “I tikked me in my poes” would loosely translate as “I smoked myself fucked up on meth”.
  • Speed: A term used for amphetamines in general, often used synonymously with meth.
  • Tik: Crystal meth. Note that this may be a noun, or a verb, where the verb-form indicates the act of smoking crystal meth.
  • Tik-kop: A crystal meth addict. (If meth was tik in Afrikaans, this literally translates as meth-head.)
  • Tik-monster: If you are a tik-kop sitting in a circle of tik-koppe, and pass the lolly to a tik-monster, regardless of how much it contains, he or she will tik out all the tik in the lolly in one gargantuan hit. I was one of these.
  • Tjoef: (pronounced choef) I’m unclear of the spelling of this, and have assumed it to be Afrikaans. This is another slang word for tik.
  • Tweak: I learned this term in rehab. i.e. I never used it in South African using circles. This is the behaviour of the severely sleep-deprived addict. They “get stuck” on whatever they’re doing. In my case, as a software developer, I would refactor my code until the cows came home, then left and returned again. It could also involve taking things apart, and putting them back together again repeatedly (minus a few critical parts, of course), and sometimes leaving them disassembled when moving onto something else, or other acts where the addict struggles for hours without getting anywhere, such as attempts to fix things that aren’t broken, breaking them in the process.
  • Trip: Another term for tweak.
  • Work: In Cape Town, this is a widely used euphemism for tik, presumably because it’s easier to call your dealer when you have company and ask “Have you got any work for me?”.
  • Zone: Another term for tweak.