On giving to charity

Hey there – sadly I don’t get time to write here much anymore, and sometimes that pisses me off a bit. There was a time years ago when I obsessed over my page views, but now, since I lack the time to write, they’re abysmally low. I have found another way to get my dopamine kick though… Giving to charity.

I kid you. That’s not the only reason. But I do believe that it’s good to put a little money aside every month to give to others. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but something. And I do this even though I’m struggling myself. That doesn’t matter… I have found it’s an enormous reward to give some amount to people who need it more than I do.

I’ve done this because of two things… Someone asked me for money a couple of months ago, a person on Facebook who was in such dire straits, she really needed to ask others for help. And secondly, I saw a thought provoking meme on social media, one that asked commenters to share one thing that they, in their childhood, thought of as an indicator that other people were doing well. This one:

My answer to that was a swimming pool. In my childhood, that’s what my parents tried to promise every summer. We never did get one, but I considered having one a sign of affluence. To my dismay, one of my friends replied, “a bicycle”. And that got me thinking, because I never lacked that. I used to ride my bicycle to school from the age of seven, and I could not imagine anyone who couldn’t even afford that.

So, all things being relative, why not take some money, money that I would only end up wasting on luxuries like takeout food, and give it to someone who needs it more than me? Why not indeed? And so now that’s what I do. I think we all should, if we can.

To be honest, I was loathe to write this. I don’t want to be accused of virtue signalling or any such bullshit. I’m not going to tell you how much or to whom I give, just that I think it is a good thing to do. Support your fellow humans. That’s all.


2 thoughts on “On giving to charity

  1. You make good points, as usual – the increasingly crazy-ass internet of stupidity needs more persuasive, informed posts from real folks such as yourself.
    I’m against ceding linguistic territory to the nazis of our day – “virtue-signaling” is a moronic phrase that self-styled shitheads apply to others who dare to try to be better at living and thinking than they do.

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    1. “virtue-signaling” is a moronic phrase that self-styled shitheads apply to others who dare to try to be better at living and thinking than they do.

      Agreed. When people argue this in debates, I’ve yet to see a case where an accusation of “virtue signalling” does not count as ad hominem.


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