This is what real hate speech looks like – part 1

Hey, it’s day 4 of the new year and I’m not banned on Facebook yet! Wowsers… here’s the thing… I’m normally banned for “hate speech” or “harassment and bullying”, when I respond to hate speech and/or harassment. Because responding to hate triggers the algorithms that detect hate, apparently.

So instead of responding there, from now on I’m going to call out typical examples of real hate speech that’s allowed on the platform whenever I see it. Hence the “part 1”. All posts like this one will be tagged hate speech.

As always, real hate speech is subtle enough that it doesn’t trigger algorithms. In this case, we have a Christian claiming that LGBTQ people are paedophiles. Specifically, it is targeting transgender people.


It’s often a Christian being hateful, but not always. It is almost always someone on the political right. Also look at the reactions… This is from a group that’s turned into an echo chamber for bigots. I reported it to Facebook, but I am willing to bet it the post will not be removed. They never remove real hate speech.

And by the way, if you agree with the meme, you’re trash. I hope you choke on a chicken wing or something.

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