So confused–I can no longer tell the difference between colds, hayfever, and even covid

I’ve been telling people I never get colds or flu, and all I get is sinusitis. Looks like I was wrong.

The last time I was truly sick was when I got chicken pox, at the tender age of 22. A quick calculation says that was around 1993/4. That’s what I’ve been telling people; the reason being it’s the last time I remember being notably sick. I remember I was a student, I was looking for textbooks along with my brother in some technical book shop (I’ve long since forgotten the name), and I had one or two little yellow bumps on my back that I hadn’t paid attention to. The fever hit like something I’ve never felt since, except maybe for that time I drank 3 shots of Stroh Rum very quickly and it all hit me at once later. Bam! You are now not OK. The rest of that day was a fucking fever dream.

That was the last time I truly felt sick. In the years since, I get the occasional runny nose, aching head, and then blocked nose with dry cough because of a tickle in my throat. Incidentally, that’s exactly what a bad sinus attack feels like. And for me, covid is the same but with the addition of a bad headache and lame legs on day one of showing symptoms. Then after that it’s not notably different from any other cold or flu. I’ve never had a chest cold, and I don’t get a fever any more, or so it would seem.

So apparently I’ve been accidentally lying when telling people I don’t get colds or flu. I do, but they’re hardly an issue because I haven’t had anything but mild symptoms in nearly 30 years. I wonder why that is? There’s one person I would ask (that one who had chicken pox at the same time I did), if he has similar experience, but he’s not talking to me so… It shall remain a mystery. Feel free, my two or three frequent commenters, to let me know if your experiences are similar.

In the meantime… I must conclude that we are all very different. Trust in science and get vaccinated if you aren’t already. Get a booster if you are vaccinated but have had the new covid variant. It can never do harm to take precautions and be safe, despite what our vaccine “hesitant” friends may say. Even if you’re like me and don’t get sick, there are immunocompromised people everywhere, and we need to take the right precautions for their sakes.

[Urgh. My son is throwing up as I write this. He was feeling fine the whole weekend, but complaining of a headache this morning. It seems his immune system still has some growing up to do. I feel bad for him though… When kiddo gets like this, he can’t even get anything down. Not even meds for nausea.]

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