A reminder about the kind of creationist who debates atheists…

I just saw two of these in five minutes and I can’t not share them. I mean, what in the fuck? These people wonder why we laugh at them.

We have a few different styles here…

First, the asserter of… assertions.


Secondly, we have the threatener of hellfire threats.

May be an image of text

And lastly, here’ a homophobe who wants to reclaim the rainbow during pride Month. Because… you know… the rainbow is what god gave us to remind himself not to slaughter billions of innocent people again. Or something.

May be an image of text that says "Yes, the OP posted this unironically. Lauren E. Witzke 5d It's June 1st and a time to remember EVERYTHING Jesus has done for us. Glory to God! #reclaimtherainbow JUNE IS CHRISTIANITY MONTH RECLAIM THE RAINBOW"

Now I’m not saying these people are idiots… hold up… this is not Facebook so I don’t have to try to avoid being banned – not that it help over there, mind you. Of course they’re idiots. There is no doubt.

One thought on “A reminder about the kind of creationist who debates atheists…

  1. Yes, they are idiots, no doubt. Mark Zuckerberg is an idiot, and so are on the censors at Facebook who slap these preposterous bans on you.
    But these idiots were MADE by their cultural and social circumstances. And we have idiotic tendencies ourselves, though some of us are gifted with a cognitive apparatus that has a pretty damn good bullshit detector. I, for one pursuit, am a bad plumber. Not good on string theory, either, and I just don’t get the lyrics of Bob Dylan, the Grateful dead, or Tupac.
    Religious and libertarian idiots are now marinating in their stupidity because of the cultural reinforcement they get from so-so media, making them make assertions without bothering to consider the lack of evidence for them or the illogic that others might point out.
    They are everywhere, they have some good qualities at times, but they have been fashioned by their times and circumstances into unreachable fascist dolts, and there ain’t no stopping the march of their oppressions and destruction of the vast social superstructure. Yet you keep on trying – bravo.

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