According to Facebook, I harassed and bullied the USA

Several of my friends are banned, seemingly all the time. And I am once again banned for 30 days because of this:


Where is the lie? The only nation that always seems to have troops elsewhere in the world is the USA. Outside of fiction, they’re the de facto bad guys. Them and their buddies in Israel.

And as usual, the algorithms like to kick me when I’m down… So a few minutes after the ban, I got busted for something “evil” I posted in June 2020. It’ unclear whether this is a 30 or 60 day ban now.


I support consequences for using the wrong words, but come on… no one was harassed or harmed here and no one was sexually exploited by reading the word “cum”. Why would anyone even read a status I posted around a year ago?

Seriously… I can find alt-right outright fascist comments every day, as well as misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and rape jokes that don’t violate community standards. But a harmless (and true) quip and a little bit of sexual innuendo is baaaaad? Give me a fucking break.

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