Happy birthday, Buddy!

I can’t believe it’s a year ago that this little bugger was born already. I’m so glad I kept him though… he’s my favourite by far.

These were taken this morning…







His mommy, Zoe…. she’s so tiny he’s a giant compared to her now. (He’s about he same size as my other cat, but she’s five years old.)


He didn’t like his supper tonight… Here he was about to attack the table with PC that’s auto-training a Roblox game for Josh… but now he’s sitting behind my laptop as I type this – looking at me as he smacks stuff onto the floor. Highly offended that his dinner was not the right flavour.


I just spoke to the lady who took one of his sisters, named Purrl, since she responded to my reminder that this is kitty’s birthday. So maybe I’ll update this post with pics of his sister later.

Edit… As promised, here’s a picture of Buddy’s sister, Purrl, that I just received from her owner. I don’t know the names of her doggo friends but am glad she’s in a loving home.


And another…

Buddy, huge as he is, was the runt of the litter. It was a litter of 3 though, him and two girls. I can’t tell from the photo if this sister is still bigger than he is, but she does seem at least as large, which I think is cool. They were all bigger than average on day 1, and still look very similar.

Buddy was the smallest, the one whose eyes didn’t want to open until days after his sisters, but he was the first to figure out he could get food from the human, though he had to fight for it against two adult cats who ignored the fact that there are three bowels – to their detriment mind you because he is the boss now. But back then he was the first to show some independence. And he’s the only one who didn’t mind me picking him up. He has this cute habit of putting a paw in my face whenever I hold him. I want to get a photo of that but of course can’t take it myself.

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