New phone who dis

Scuse the silly title and blurry photos…

I got a new phone recently and a watch came with it… this thing called a Fit2. I don’t normally go for these things but got a call from a call centre because a Telkom contract was up for its 2 year upgrade. Ironically my ex took the hotspot and SIM for that contract, and I’d been paying for it for the whole two years. It was only 10GB a month but still… she lost it too so I’ve been paying for an account no one used.

Anyway, now I have a new phone and this watch that guilt trips me every time I’m sitting still for an hour, which is like… every hour. I mean, I’m a programmer for goodness sake. I’m supposed to be sitting on my arse writing code. But whatever, I have started using my treadmill to make up for the tremendous amount of burgers and things I’ve been eating in the 3 and a bit months since I gave up smoking. This watch will no doubt be useful on my next pathetic attempt to run for a whole five minutes without slowing to a walk. (Been 2 weeks since I started using the treadmill, after it collected dust initially for a year, and I am not doing so well.)

Here I was earlier after finally getting the watch to work.




Best wishes to her though… she’s currently in a place where I’m not supposed to tell anyone she’s at, getting help for a problem she won’t admit she still has. I hope this time things work out for the best.

Edit: My first draft was a little unfair to my ex… I wrote that she stole my hotspot and SIM for that contract. That’s not true – I gave it to her while she stayed here in 2019. Whether or not she stole other things is not relevant…

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